Scoliosis Cast Removal

Heidi Ferrer Bexon

Or what Bexon calls “The Buzzy Bee.”

I have so many pictures to share from our trip but first I want to show you show some images of Bex’s last Mehta/EDF cast #10 being cut off, partially becauseĀ  this Mommy is in an emotional victory lap and very much so that these images will be out there on the Interweb to help another precious child and family.

Or hopefully many others. I believe in the butterfly wings that can set off a chain of events we may never know about.

Can I just say that I woke up this morning, the first morning back home in L.A. from our medical trip to Salt Lake City, and I woke up HAPPY.

You know that feeling where you wake up and you don’t want to get out of bed? Because being asleep is the best part of your day, because you are so stressed, anxious and/or depressed that you wish you could just stay asleep until it’s all over and everything is better?

I had that feeling all last week and worse. And it was terrible. And I’m not sad anymore. I feel a lightness of being. And I know that this feeling is not the beginning of happiness, this IS happiness.

Now away we go with Bex’s last cast being cut off! We’re gonna crack that crab, baby.

Scoliosis Cast Removal

This is our friend Angie with the cast saw. Angie is the Care Coordinator of Shriners Hospital for Children in Salt Lake City (she’s a nurse as well.) Bex looks a little nervous but hopeful here. He’s in my arms and holding one of his Thomas trains for luck.

Mehta Cast Removal

Angie has removed most of Bex’s casts herself and was instrumental in getting him in on a cancellation for his first cast, which probably saved our boy from painful spinal surgeries beginning at a young age. He runs into her arms when he sees her for a hug.

She is one of the heroes on Team Bexon. We love Angie forever.

EDF Cast Removal

My bunny is actually smiling here. Amazing. He has cried through many of these removals, but not through this last one, what a Big Boy!

The removals are not painful at all but the saw is loud and it causes a lot of vibration. It cannot cut skin, though, he is not in any of that kind of danger, it’s just scary to a little kid.

Probably would be to a grown up too but I wouldn’t know, I’m not one yet.

Scoliosis cast off

I love what the casts have done for him but I shudder to look at it here. It’s been on at this point for 4.5 months, it’s dirty and I was sick of it. That duct tape on the bottom was to avoid any little boy upstream peeing leaks that could have “wicked up” into the plaster of the cast.

He never smelled at all, though, we had it down and washed and removed the under t shirt regularly. That was key.

EDF cast off

Daddy pulls it over his arms, it’s almost off!

Scoliosis Cast pulled off

Bye Bye cast!

Bex in medical t shirt

“Whew!” Bex says, “I did it!”

Bex's back after casts

And his back looks…normal. There’s still a small curve there we have to hold for a while in a brace, but his back looks like a normal, skinny little boy.

Hey, you would be skinny too if you’d been carrying around the equivalent of 30-35 pounds of plaster for 2 years and five months!

Come to think of it, I could stand to lose a few LBs…ummmmm…nah.

More stories from our trip to come soon! We are just so extremely grateful to Shriners Intermountain Hospital and their staff, especially to Dr. Jacques D’Astous, Mike Pond, Angie Livingston, the nurses and the wonderful ladies in the X-ray department. And I can’t leave out the kind anesthesiologists whose skill kept him alive.

Bar none, it continues to be the best medical experience we have ever had in our lives.

We love you all, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

~ Heidi

P.S. I have a whole series of photos to come on how the braces are made with our orthotist, Peter Springs. It’s fascinating, much like the casts, it’s where lifesaving medicine meets art.

P.P.S. If you haven’t read the beginning of Bexon’s Story, click here if you’d like to check it out.

XOXO- hf

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6 Responses to Scoliosis Cast Removal

  1. Joan says:

    What a beautiful looking back he has and I can’t believe he didn’t scream and cry when they cut the cast off. Such a brave boy. GO BEX. Great pics.

  2. Shauna says:

    Heidi this is beautiful and inspirational. Thank you for sharing it.

  3. David Toney says:

    I’m crying tears of joy for you guys right now. I’m so very happy for you!

  4. Heidi Ferrer says:

    Thank you so much Joan, Shauna and David! :-)

  5. Jamie Boros says:

    I just want to hug him! Congratulations!

  6. Sonja Petersen says:

    You are echoing my thoughts right now exactly. My son Jake we just found out is 0 degrees and didn’t have to get his 5th cast on. Although our journey wasn’t as long as yours, I too feel now at peace. I didn’t realize how scared, stressed, depressed, etc. I have been for the last year and a half. Every time he went under anesthesia for the castings and the MRI’s I was terrified he wouldn’t wake up. I am rejoicing for you and your family. Little Bexon is such an angel and you are changing and helping lives with your story- you did ours. We wish you a very fun summer- with lots of swimming! We had Jake’s last cast cut off a little early for 4th of July and he was supposed to be back in one last Tuesday. Now we are waiting for his 1st brace and trying to stop being in shock at the good news! Best of luck to your family! Sonja

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