All He Wants For Christmas

Two Front Teeth Child

The Tooth Fairy came last night to our house again! My boy Bex, age 5, totally believes in the Tooth Fairy. And in Santa Claus. He’s completely on board with the idea of the “naughty and the nice list” and he wants to be on the nice list, man.

snowman kidThis is one way to get your kid to eat vegetables. So cute.

snow familyThe holidays are about family, whether it’s your birth family of origin or the family you make, I know plenty of people who feels their friends are their family.

And if you have any kids in your by birth or by choice family, the holidays are all about the children.

Since I live with one all of the time, I know what children want, they want everyone to be happy.

They are pure goodness and sweetness and light.

And that’s why we all can’t stay sad for too long about anything, not in front of them, because our children take their cues from us on how to feel.

Last Sunday he saw that I was sad and Bex walked over to me and hugged me, saying “Mommy, I still want to marry you.”

I want my baby to have his innocent childhood, the one he and all children deserve, this year and every year.




And he will.

I’ll make sure of that.

baby christmas


We have one of those fireplaces that used to be a real, working one, and now looks pretty with a mantle and everything, but the chimney is all closed up.

Bexon asked me how Santa is going to get down there from our roof.

I said (yikes) something like he doesn’t need a chimney to be open, Santa is magic.

What I realize is how lucky I am to have a child that still believes.

No older kid at school has given him a “spoiler alert” yet that the parents may have something to do with this Santa business and I like it this way.

santa cupcake



I think this time of year we should give ourselves permission to be joyful and happy as much as possible, in spite of any circumstances in the world we can’t control at this very moment.

We are so blessed to have love, and if you don’t feel like anyone loves you, I do.

I love you.

Heidi Ferrer Girl to Mom


Let’s all be kind and protect each other. Let’s donate a present to the children out there who may not be getting any this Christmas. Let’s let our hearts grow so many sizes that all we’re left with is the feeling of pure love that can only come from the best part of who we are, the child in all of us.


~ Heidi

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2 Responses to All He Wants For Christmas

  1. Melanie says:

    I don’t have any kids but I have so many friends with kids that I feel like I am an aunty to many.

    I also went and decorated some of the rooms at the convalescent hospital where my gram was before she died. I checked with the front desk and went in to the rooms that don’t get visitors and put up lights and hung out. It was awesome.

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