Baby’s Santa Mouse Book

Baby's Santa Mouse

This was my very favorite Christmas book of my childhood. I gasped when I saw my Mom had it at her house this Christmas, our old, worn and well loved copy.

I’ve been trying to find the image of this exact adorable mouse online, and I could only find other versions- this was the true one, the original (the OG, original gangsta Santa Mouse) to me.

The hardcover and paperback sell for 39 dollars on Amazon, they must be considered rather collectible, but the board book version sells used starting at one dollar. Even though Christmas this year is technically over, I bought one for $1.99 plus shipping for Bexon.

christmas mouseOk, who am I kidding, it’s for the child still alive in me. I’ll leave Santa’s little helper a small piece of cheese next year.


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  1. WeezaFish says:

    Tell your Mum from me she’s awesome for keeping this book for you, so lovely that you get to see it again. Looks so cute man, but I want a much loved and dog eared copy like yours!

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