Funny Family Christmas Cards

Funny Christmas Cards
















Wow, this family could join the circus. Is this real? I’m not sure why, but it makes me uncomfortable, I’m worried they could fall.

funny christmas cards















Are these people this clueless or are they in on the joke? Can someone save the goat in her lap from this family? A goat in a Santa hat. Bahhhhhh-d idea. Har…

bad santa













What are these poor children being put through? Was Santa out too late at the pub and got into a drunken bar brawl with Donner, Comet and Blitzen? Bad Santa!

funny family christmas cards














This bizarre picture speaks for itself. I’m pretty sure the “sexy” Santa suit the mother (or grandmother? Gah.) is wearing is latex or rubber! If you have a rubber fetish, don’t expose it to your kids, lady.

(Photo credit for last two images, Awkward Family

funny family christmas cards














This is really clever. Love it.

funny family christmas cards

Super cute kids and idea.

funny christmas cards

















Wow. They belong together. Save the dog.

(Photo credit: The

funny family christmas card

Ummm…perhaps this would be more adorable if the kids were not full grown adults? Still, points for being good sports.

funny family christmas card

A Christmas Story! Great idea. I think this may be the winner. Just don’t let your kids get their tongue stuck on an icy pole like in the movie or buy a BB gun, ‘Merica.


~ Heidi

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  1. Melanie says:

    I LOVE Awkward Family Photos. Especially their holiday photos. My friends and I have taken to replicating our favorites. There was one with people on the top of a mountain, posing holding hands over this old Victorian era chair. We were immediately like, “How’d they get that chair up there, and why?” So my best friend and I saw a chair like it up at my cabin and took it out on the deck, looked up the photo, and did an exact copy. It was hilarious.

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