Holiday Christmas Candles

Christmas Candles

Hey, I’m on a low Christmas budget this year, which basically means the adults can fend for themselves and the kids are the only ones getting presents.

Oh don’t worry, I’ll probably crack before then and get them all something…

But I did already buy these two oversize candles from Bath & Body Works in the mall. Once in a while I like to just go in there and smell all of the new scents. You can get sort of a natural high from it without having to take drugs and become a prostitute for forest animals.

candy cane fruit

For Christmas morning!

(This is not a sponsored post, I cracked open my own Scrooge-y purse for these.) I paid two for twenty dollars, so 10 dollars each, which is not bad. They’re the 3 wick size and look great on the mantle for the whole month.

The Fresh Balsam smells like the best Christmas tree ever, they said it’s their best holiday seller. It fills your whole living room with the scent when you burn it, it would be great if you have an artificial tree.

We have a real one, but it’s tiny (cost only $24.99)- I love little kids with cute small trees they can reach to help decorate and that can’t fall and smush them, because they will pull them on top of themselves. Every time.

I’m especially in love, though, with the White Barn No. 2 Chestnut and Clove candle scent. It’s yummy without smelling too much like food. White Barn No. 1 with Nutmeg and Spice is awesome smelling, too.

If you like the food scents, they have ones that smell just like fresh baked cookies or cupcakes, gingerbread, burning marshmallows, sparkling icicles!?, leaves, and even a French baguette- fresh baked bread. You can burn that one in your kitchen to make people think you actually bake.

‘Tis the season to fool your family. And look at this easy snowman, yummy ice cream idea I found:

snow man ice cream

Marshmallow head!



~ H

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