First Date


Bexon’s first date ever, Luna, had her fourth birthday party this weekend, a double B-day along with her sister Larkin, age 2. That’s beautiful Luna in the pic above.

And this is a photo of Bex and Luna on their first romantic date:

Bexon Luna babies

You might say it didn’t go so well. They’re in our living room here, not driving around like hooligans with Bex not strapped in. I may be a little crazy country y’all, but I’m not Britney Spears.

Luna was just in her car seat so her parents could rock her or she could nap. This looks like the date from h*ll, doesn’t it?

Well, it can’t top my worst date, Dan The Date From H*ll. He took me out on New Year’s Eve when it was freezing cold and raining in Pasadena with a blown out window on the back of his piece of crud car. And was rude and made me pay for everything myself, while I picked the glass out of my hair.

But back to the kiddos, it’s their turn to suffer in their search for Amore!

That’s Bex on the right, he was premature by 4 weeks, so he was really small when he was born, under 5 pounds. They weren’t crying until the very moment we tried to put them into her car seat together for a photo op, and that’s when they freaked out.

And this is what happened at Luna’s first party…I think this was at her Teenie Halloweenie party after we took off their costumes (Bex was a chicken):

Luna Bexon age one

See, we fattened him up to a normal size! Just like a real baby!

And this is Luna and Bex together last weekend, rollin’ with their homies:

Bex Luna Birthday cake

In conclusion children, love is fickle, love is blind, love will tear out your heart with the Jaws of Life, but CAKE will never let you down.

Words to live by.



~ Heidi

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2 Responses to First Date

  1. Charlottte says:

    Just love the photo of their first date…

  2. Heidi Ferrer says:

    That one will be perfect to show at their wedding :-)

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