I Put a Picture of My Boobs on Twitter

Heidi Ferrer BexonIf this blog is the real me (it is) Twitter is my bad girl, raunchy, lying twin. Think Chelsea Handler kinda humor.

I just got the joke recently that Twitter is best used for comedy and lies, just because it’s entertaining. My Mom is on Facebook but my family is NOT on Twitter!

So long story short, I’ve been overtweeting like a maniac on this trip and this morning I heard it was “titty Tuesdays” and I shot an iPhone pic of my boobiliciousness and off it went! My husband did not mind, he knows I’m crazy.

However, I did cringe and take it down! Then later I just thought oh, what the hell, they are never gonna look this good again, girlfriend.

So for now, it’s still there. DO NOT follow me on Twitter if you don’t like sex humor that includes the F word.

I guess I needed to blow off some steam. These medical trips are a doozy for me. But Bex’s spine looks AWESOME! FLYING COLORS!!!

I got the most beautiful red dress email I can’t wait to share with you. Back in L.A. tomorrow.


~ Heidi

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10 Responses to I Put a Picture of My Boobs on Twitter

  1. well, you know what they say – if you got it………….expose it on twitter. ;o) i got to see the bloggess last night. it was SUPER awesome and i am still laughing and happy. even got a picture to post on my blog (not as boob-y as yours, but delightful nonetheless). it was a hysterically funny night and there is absolutely no one like jenny lawson. happy to hear that your son is doing great. :o) safe travels.


  2. Pish Posh says:

    Twitter is like our crazy cousin’s house where we take our shoes off, have one margarita too many, and act a little nuts. We all need to be ourselves, all parts of ourselves.

    I am glad for your son. I am intrigued to catch up here and read more – my brother has MD so at the very least I know what it is like to watch someone you love struggle and it just isn’t fair.


    • Heidi Ferrer says:

      Totally. Except I seriously don’t need a margarita to act that silly! I like to think of it as a different medium where I’m playing a character who’s just one teeny part of me- a pretend slut with a potty mouth.

  3. Pish Posh says:

    Also he just looks so completely adorable.


  4. Candice G says:

    and then you got so comfortable that you put up the camel toe…. oh my.

    we need an intervention over on aisle Twitter

    ;) jk I love you!


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