Introducing- Your iHoo-Ha 2!

Heidi FerrerHaving a Hoo-Ha that you know how to operate to its maximum functionality is so vitally important in today’s multi-media social networking society-

-and there is an exciting rumor that Apple will soon be releasing the iHoo-Ha 2.

The iHoo-Ha 2 is the second generation of iVaginas, designed, developed and marketed by Apple Vaginas Inc.

Be aware that there may be very long lines at your local mall on the first day that your new, upgraded Hoo-Ha (aka The Vagina 3000) -is released.

Scads of nerds will want to get their hands on this new Hoo-Ha as soon as humanly possible and learn how to operate its dazzling touch buttons and modern functions.

Your iHoo-Ha 2 serves primarily as a platform for audio-visual vagina related media including waxing videos, books about va-jay-jays, periodicals about vaginal culture, movies that can be viewed in the privacy of your own Hoo-Ha—

Ringtone girlMusic that plays in hip hop ringtones from your Hoo-Ha, dress-up games and of course, web content.

The Hoo-Ha 2’s weight and size falls between that of contemporary smartphone vaginas and laptop cooters.

The Hoo-Ha 2 is available with black or white bezels and contains a lithium-polymer battery that lasts for up to 10 hours- WHOO BABY!!!

It also sports a new dual core Apple A5 processor and both front and rear facing cameras.

Err- need I say more? I think we both know this puppy is gonna fly off the shelves!

Twitter ButtonYour new Hoo-Ha will have Facetime Video calling and conferencing for those long days at the office. It will secure its own Twitter account (@ihooha2) its own Facebook page, and good news!

Facebook buttonYour new iHoo-Ha already has 3 million fan page “Likes.”

I don’t know about you, but I think Steve Jobs has outdone himself on your new Hoo-Ha.

Apple Inc. began selling your new Hoo-Ha 2 on its website and in retail stores on March 11. Many stores in major cities sold out your Hoo-Ha within hours, girlfriend!

pink cat

So wrong.

Not that there was anything wrong with your old Hoo-Ha (except that one time you tried to dye it hot pink,) plenty of folks loved that model, too. People just want the hot new thang, you know how it is.

By Sunday, shipping delays held your Hoo-Ha up in shipping transit for up to four weeks, a time during which its new owner (You!) and your friends could not touch it or play with its delightful functions.

That part was a bummer, but analysts expect your new Hoo-Ha to outsell its competitiors. No surprise there!

Your Hoo-Ha 2 will be sold internationally in 25 other countries on March 25th 2011. These countries will be able to purchase and play with your Hoo-Ha, which seems only fair.

Why should Americans have all the fun with your Hoo-Ha?

By the way, you can get a little stand where you can prop up your Hoo-Ha 2 and view it on a full screen. Nice touch, Apple.

I’m also getting mine with a non-breakable case made of military grade titanium steel, ‘cause I don’t wanna break that thang once I’ve got my hands on it.


– Heidi Ferrer (aka Girl to Mom)

Heidi Ferrer eye rollP.S. Dear Steve Jobs and Apple Inc., this little essay is all just silly humor and I can’t wait to get my hands on an iPad 2.

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Never mind. Please vote anyway!

:-) – h

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