Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Bex Green Hat

No green beer at our house today…No “Erin go braless“…just some luck o’ the Irish, green hats on cats and a little Lucky Leprechaun.

Bex green hat2

No pinching, kids! We are in official holiday uniforms of green clover…

Bex monster hat

And you wouldn’t like lil’ green Hulk when he’s angry…

Bex monster hat mad

Hulk Angry. Hulk Smash!

Bex monster hat sweet

Nah…he’s got a tender heart…

Green Clover Heidi Ferrer

What is in Lucky Charms again? Yellow moons? Green clovers? Blue diamonds?

Boy st patricks day

A bowl of happiness and a pinch free holiday…

toddler green hat


boy cat green hats

Uh oh Humphrey…

Cat in the Hat?

cat in hat

Humph’s a good sport! (He’s on my lap as I’m typing this right now.)

green hat clovers

Kiss me I’m Irish! At least for today…we’re mutts around these parts. Bit o’ everything…Bit o’ Honey

Irish munchkin

Can munchkins be Irish?

Boy party green hat

…and find a pot o’ gold at the bottom of a tree?

Green tall hat boy

That grants three wishes and sprouts a beautiful rainbow?

Bex green hat tree

Anything’s possible if you believe…

stpatricksday happiness

…in the power of magic and mischief!



P.S. Please help us spread awareness for Bex’s potentially fatal condition, Infantile Scoliosis, by voting for Girl to Mom today-

Just click here- Top 25 Funny Moms – then just scroll down the page and click the “thumbs up” next to Bexon’s Mama’s silly mug. (You can vote up to once a day ’til March 28th :-) )

May your bottom stay unpinched and your day end with a pot o’ gold rich in love!

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