Little Cowpoke

Toddler Cowboy Boots

Maybe these toddler cowboy boots were not the most practical of purchases…

Cowboy boots for toddlers

Since we err…live in Los Angeles. Swimmin’ pools, movie stars…

Bex cowboy boots

But my little partner is not always practical, either. To say the least.

And sure as shootin’ his Mommy has been yearning for cowboy boots ever since I outgrew my favorite tried-and-true pair I had worn for years, when my feet grew during pregnancy.

I gave them away to our part time babysitter Norma. She was excited.

cowboy boots Heidi FerrerI still have these boots with gold faux snakeskin detail, but the heel’s too high for every day. Or really for standing up for more than thirty minutes and looking for a trick. (Did I write that out loud?)

I looked for boots for myself in stores and maybe it’s because it’s Spring and not Fall, or maybe cowboy boots are not ‘in” right now by Those Who Deem So, but they’re always in to me. They’re so comfortable. And cute. And they last forever.

But since I couldn’t find some for myownself, I saw these for Bex and I was…smitten. *Blink blink* Lashes flutter at boots…love at first sight. (They’re from Payless, nothin’ too fancy.)

And then I found these little beauties for myself online! They’re made by Black Rooster:

Black Rooster Gentry

Black Rooster Gentry

*Blink blink flutter flutter* They’re my Mother’s Day present. Black Rooster Gentry, on sale for about $136.00- not bad for cowboy boots.

They’re blue! And brown. As you can see. I love the stitching detail and the leather’s really nice. But they arrived and size 10 was too large even for mah big boats.

So I returned them. I have to give credit to, they have free shipping and free return shipping with a pre-paid print-out label, they make it pretty easy for you.

So fingers crossed the size 9 fits. At least I know I can return them. In the meantime…

I have my own personal Toddler Cowboy in my back yard.

Toddler cowboy boots bike

A ridin’ and a ropin’…

Toddler baseball bat

A stretchin’ and a yawnin’…

Bex bike boots

On his trusty horse bike Lightning (my kiddo’s real middle name). Get along lil’ doggies! (Which in his case are just Nutz our wild yard squirrel and Humphrey Bogart Kitty.)

Bex giggles

A gigglin’ and a snortin’…this lil’ cowpoke is not afraid to get his hands or his fingernails dirty. (He’s not really that into hygiene, unfortunately.) Poop on the patio this weekend, ’nuff said.

Bex cowboy boots resting

Until, after a long hard day on the ranch lawn, it’s time for my miniature rascal wrangler to put his dogs up and rest here at Home on the Range earthquake fault lines.

(My apologies to Ree Drummond- The Pioneer Woman, who lives an actual ranch life.)

He ropes my heart.


~ Heidi

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