My Two Boys

Nick Bex Zoo

(Quick aside: If you found me through the Top 25 Funny Moms contest, the post from earlier this AM is the silly one. I sometimes post 2-3 times a day and I’m not always so much “funny ha ha” as “funny weird.” Send help.)

That said…what is sweeter than a day at the zoo with an ice cream cone and Daddy’s love?

Bex climbs with Daddy

Have you ever noticed that flamingos like…pose for you?

Pink Flamingo Heidi Ferrer

Interesting flamingo factoids: the ones that are brighter pink are dominant, the brighter pink they are, the more shrimp they’re getting.

The ones that are light pink or almost white are getting screwed, buddy! And the flamingos in Vegas all chain smoke Camel Lights.

Two Flamingos Heidi Ferrer

These two are sweet, though…I think they’re in love. Can’t tell which one’s a boy or a girl. You? I felt up and down between and betwixt their skinny legs and I couldn’t tell a durned thing!

Nahhh…just joshin’. I’m no flamingo feeler-upper. Do you think somebody gets paid to do that? Deep thoughts…

I just wanna flip their little feathery bodies, smack ’em belly together and form a heart. Now that would make a good picture.

And land me in prison. Bail money, anyone? “What are you in for?” Errr…awkward!

Bex Nick ice cream

We may have a sugar problem in our family.

Bex feeds Nick

I think you can tell who the pusher is. Bad influence, caught red handed.

Bex Daddy Kiss

I’m gonna go hug my handsome, tuff n’ tender guys.


~ Heidi

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