Oui Oui Monsieur

French Toddler

Quick update to yesterday’s post: It appears that my International Costume Quandary for Bex’s preschool party is over!

I found this black toddler beret yesterday and my heart started palpitating at the notion of putting it on my munchkin’s noggin.

Here my lil’ French Spiderman is tipping back a recently uncorked bottle of dry, aged French organic milk. It was a very good year. Stinky, perhaps, but we Frenchies can handle that. We have sophisticated noses and palates.

French Beret on Toddler

And if you have a toddler you’re already BFFs with Stinky. Me, I’ll be lucky to get my kidlet to age four without a lacerated face from a flying dinosaur tail or a punctured kidney.

With this jaunty new chapeau, Bex can pretend to be a miniature French man or movie actor Samuel L. Jackson, who’s famous for wearing Kangol hats (It’s actually not a beret for children, it’s a 100% wool adult beret, or one size fits all.)

If he opts for Sam Jackson, he’s gonna have to say things like “I have had it with these motherlovin’ snakes on this motherlovin’ plane!”

French beret Bex

If he decides to be French, he can eat baguette, stinky cheeses, duck pate, truffles, crepes, eclairs, creme brulee, and mousse au chocolat. Mais oui, that list just made me famished!

eiffel tower

ratatouille movie imagesNow me, Bex and Humphrey Bogart Kitty need to catch us a rat who’ll whip us up some “Ratatouille.”

Or we’ll have to settle for homemade escargot from the slugs under the rocks in our back yard. Ewww!

I’ve had it with these Motherlovin’ poops in his Motherlovin’ pull-ups!”


~ Heidi

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