What Are Little Boys Made Of?

Bex reaching into rain boot

“What are little boys made of?

What are little boys made of?

Snips and snails

And puppy-dogs’ tails,

That’s what little boys are made of.

What are little girls made of?

What are little girls made of?

Sugar and spice

And everything nice,

That’s what little girls are made of.”

“Snips” is an old timey word for a small eel…so sorta like a worm or a slug, right? Remember that poem/limerick when you were a kid?

Bex Worm on hand

Me and my boy, we find worms and slugs under the yard tiles every day. It’s totally more rad than shopping for pink tutus.

Just kidding, I go crazy for that little girl stuff, it’s freakin’ adorable and I want all of it to come in my size. But I got a boy, so I’m diving into it head first, baby! Worms and slugs and mud n’ crud- no fear!

Bex mud splash

Okay, maybe a little bit of fear. Yikes.

Bex worried about worm

“Nobody likes me, everybody hates me,
I think I’ll go eat some worms!
Big fat juicy ones,
Eensie weensy squeensy ones,
See how they wiggle and squirm!”

Ewwwww!!! To kids that song is still so HI- larious.

Bex Looks at worm

This morning as I sat down at my computer in my office with a cup of coffee, our neighbor’s cat Humphrey came in, meowed for me to pet him and when I did, a slimy SLUG came off his fur on to my hand!

Humphrey brought me a slug! What is this household coming to? Three males and one female. I can see the writing on the wall for my future and and it’s…slimy.

Bex cutie

But very cute.

Bex worm fun

Here Bex is thinking “I could get used to this…”

Bex dangles worm

“I am ROCKING this worm! But maybe I should set it free…”

Bex worried face

“But…it’s fun. Oh, no! Mommy, what should I do?”

Worm in mud

Worm released back into the wild! Or at least the wilds of our back yard…

Bex puddle splash

Child celebrates! (Pretty daring with a plaster scoliosis cast on…one week from today until cast #10).

I still think little boys are made of angels. It’s just that sometimes the angels are covered in a very thick layer of ooey gooey mud.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Bex Mommy~ Bexon’s Mommy

P.S. I got a little confused about when the voting for this contest ends, but today is the official last day to vote– please vote just one more time for Girl to Mom by clicking here-

Top 25 Funny Moms – then just click the “thumbs up” next to our entry. We won’t “win” first place in # of votes, but in many ways- surely in spreading the word about Infantile Scoliosis to save more babies and kids- we’ve already won.



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4 Responses to What Are Little Boys Made Of?

  1. Tasha says:

    I am also female in a house of all males. Even the dog! I have learned to love it and keep telling myself, “Embrace it!”

  2. Jamie Boros says:

    I love this post Heidi! I’m not sure I’m ready for everything that comes along with raising a boy but there’s no turnin’ back now! 😉

    I am loving these pictures!

    Thinking of you as you are preparing for your next trip and for cast #10. Praying for amazing numbers!

  3. Heidi Ferrer says:

    Totally, Tasha, embrace it!

  4. Heidi Ferrer says:

    Thank you, Jamie! Hopefully this is the last cast- then onward to a brace!

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