We’re Not Number One

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Fumbling towards a clue.

I am a little bit chagrined that I didn’t even know about this BlogHer Voices of the Year contest 2011.

The one that as I write this is on the top blue bar on my website on the left hand side.

First I’d heard of it, why? Because I am dumb.

Apparently someone could nominate you or you could even nominate yourself for a category. I believe them when they say it was wide open, even to newish bloggers like Moi.

Chelsea Handler, what up girl? You couldn’t find time out of running your burgeoning empire to nominate me?

Seriously, how many bloggers even use a word like “burgeoning”?


1.) To put forth new buds, leaves, or greenery; sprout.
2.) To begin to grow or blossom.
3.) To grow or develop rapidly.

Okay, whatever. It’s not like I would’ve won anyway. Or maybe I would have, IT WAS WIDE OPEN! WAHHHHHHHH!!!!!

I’m better now.

There’s always next year. Maybe I’ll be in menopause and I can blog about that! Or maybe I’ll be dead and I can blog about the white light. From the other side.

No self pity here! Girl to Mom is above all that.

It’s not like Idiopathic Scoliosis (IS) which affects 2-3 percent of school age children is an important topic, although in the year 2000 there were approximately 76.6 million school age children in the U.S.

Nahhh…it’s not like the journey of going through 10 body casts with my child threw me into a spiraling case of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, anxiety and depression which almost killed me this year. It’s a wonder I’m alive to testify about it.

I don’t have a childish need to be validated amongst my peers. I’m becoming a grown up, remember?

It’s not like I want to be nominated for a blog award like I want my next breath.

Oh, who are we kidding? I’m gonna go binge on truffles. Unless my therapist is reading this, in which case, I’m going hiking.


~ Heidi

P.S. I’m honored and excited to be working with BlogHer this year, and this is meant to be an all true yet tongue-in-cheek slam only on myself :-)

Heidi FerrerCongratulations to the nominees! Like, for realz y’all. Hope to meet ya soon.

xx- hf

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One Response to We’re Not Number One

  1. Gail K. says:

    Hey, you know you are #1 to a lot of us!!!


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