Pumpkin Pi

pumpkin pi

In case you don’t feel like baking.

xo- h

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Cray Words

Fun with modern slang, here are some new silly, but useful words (most of which I made up) that begin with cray for crazy.

XOXO ~ Heidi

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Skinny Curry Chicken Thighs!

skinny curry chicken thighs

This is hands down one of my favorite foods to make, we eat it twice  a week. For a nice change from chicken breasts, baked chicken thighs are a revelation.

They’re very similar to all white meat and just slightly higher in calories- but this recipe is extra moist and a little crispy on the edges- yum.

I can’t even explain to you why it’s so good, you just have to try it. Even if you don’t like curry, you might like this- it’s not a creamy curry sauce, it almost tastes more like well seasoned, skinless baked fried chicken.

It’s super easy, fast, healthy and delicious- the prep is 10 minutes or less and then it just bakes in the oven for about 30-35 minutes and boom.

The truth is, chicken thighs are not as photogenic as breasts, I mean let’s face it everyone likes to look at breasts, ha ha- but the flavor is amazing.

Ingredients: (Serves 5-6 light eaters, 2-3 if you’re piggy like us.)

1.) Boneless, skinless chicken thighs. I buy about a pound of organic chicken thighs from Trader Joe’s, it’s usually 5-6 pieces in the refrigerated package.

4 ounces is about 130 calories.

2.) Three to four heaping tablespoons of nonfat plain Greek yogurt, I use Fage.

3.) One heaping tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil.

4.) Olive oil spray or other cooking spray.

5.) Garlic powder, I use 4-5 good shakes, about a teaspoon. (I use the Simply Organic brand of this.)

6.) Curry powder, I use a lot- 5-7 good shakes or about 1-2 teaspoons, to your taste.

The one I used is from Target, Archer Farms curry powder.

7.) Garlic salt, I like Lawry’s.


Preheat your oven to 400 degrees for 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, cover the top of a large cookie or baking sheet with aluminum foil. Spray the foil well with the olive oil spray.

In a small bowl, combine the extra virgin olive oil, the plain Greek yogurt, the garlic powder and the curry powder. Mix very well with a spoon into a creamy paste.

One by one, stretch the chicken pieces out with your hands until they are a bit flatter and lay them a few inches apart on the sprayed foil.

Using a spoon, plop a good amount of the curry paste mixture on top of each piece of raw chicken, use a little more for the bigger pieces.

Now use your fingers to rub the paste over the top and sides of the chicken until all visible chicken is lightly coated with the rub.

Lightly shake a bit of garlic salt all over the top of the chicken and put in the oven at 400.

I bake mine for exactly 35 minutes. It’s probably cooked through before that, but I like it crispy on the edges.

Some cooks let chicken thighs “rest” for 5 minutes after baking.

I usually just serve this with a lot of salad with ranch or Ceasar dressing, because the whole batch is gone in one night at our house.

True story.

This tastes delicious the next day, but there is something about when it first comes out of the oven that is magic.


A pound of these thighs is about 520 calories. Because some of the oil and fat burns off and stays on the aluminum foil, I would estimate the entire dish comes to about 750-850 calories or less.

So each cooked seasoned thigh, depending on size, would be about 180-200 calories each. Very light eating.

I usually eat two or three, yummy!

Enjoy and “Like” Skinny Mama Meals on Facebook for more recipes and weight loss inspiration.


~ Heidi

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Baby Hedgehog Being Fed- Video

This is exactly how I eat and shows how all creatures are similar. Sooo flippin’ cute! I can’t even. A must watch.

XO ~ H

From Wildlife Aid:

“Newest orphan at Wildlife Aid!

This hoglet is only 4 days old and is being fed every 90 min! We are using a very special formula of baby dog milk and camomile tea.”

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Gone Girl- Book Review

gone girl book cover

Ahhhh! I just finished reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. *Don’t worry. No major spoilers ahead*

I’m in withdrawal from this book. It’s that addictive.

I know, I know, I’m late to the party. The movie starring Ben Affleck is already out. I’m planning on seeing the movie, too. But the book is such a page turner. I looooved it. Loved with four O’s.

My friend Michele had told me it was very good a few months ago, but to be honest, I didn’t think I was the audience for this popular book.

I’m not really a reader of murder, err, potboilers. I know who Nancy Grace is, but I don’t watch Nancy Grace.

I don’t read crime stories or watch CSI or the other 20 million crime shows on TV, I don’t watch or follow court trials.

Frankly, real life is hard enough and I find that shit a downer and depressing. I don’t like details of gore and violence.

Once in a while I end up clicking on an Internet link to a true life crime story and I usually regret it. It gets burned into my brain. Ugh.

My mind is not a junkyard, ya know?

Since I’ve gone through real trauma in my life, I don’t care to read upsetting novels, for the most part. I’m more into memoirs and essay collections, especially witty and funny ones.

But finally, with the movie out, it piqued my curiosity. I downloaded “Gone Girl” on my Kindle last Thursday or Friday, and I basically devoured the book in 3 days.

I stayed up late at night reading it, I read it under a large hat on the beach on Sunday.

If you have been in a relationship, especially in a marriage, that has been through anything at all after blissful bubbly courtship, you will relate to something in the marriage in the book. A detail, a feeling…If you’re being honest.

Not that my marriage is like this! But in the way that you can never really know anyone else 100% of the time.

I told my husband Nick, who has the same name as the main male character, the husband in the book/movie, NickNickNick, stoic Nick and Amy, Amazing Amy, that he HAD to read this book.

“Yeah, Nick. Nick’s a real name. Nick’s your buddy. Nick’s the kind of guy you can trust, the kind of guy you can drink a beer with, the kind of guy who doesn’t mind if you puke in his car, Nick!”

~ The Sure Thing

She quotes those lines in the book, too, it’s darkly funny. You gotta love an author who describes a party dip as looking “semeny.”

I related to a lot of her modern and throwback references, she feels like a contemporary to me. (Actually, that makes sense- she was born in Kansas City, I was born in Kansas, we’re one year apart in age and we both are married with one son.)

But back to the book: You know the author is manipulating you, but you like it. It’s like a game…

Even some of the characters have almost absurd names, like Hilary Handy or Jacqueline Collings (Jackie Collins, anyone?)

She, the writer, is very in on the joke and so, usually, are the lead characters.

A little farther into the story, I told my Nick he should definitely not read this book. This book is the dissection of a co-dependent relationship that will make you never want to get married.

It may make you sleep with one eye open. I bet it has caused break-ups, arguments, possibly divorce.

It may also lead to some hot sex. It made me always want to be kind and sweet and f*ck&ble, and not a sociopath, ha ha. Continue reading

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Evil Clown Weapon- Scary

scary clown knife

Hey kids, remember when clowns were supposed to be funny?

When I go into party stores near Halloween, I have to shudder, these days.

Right next to the costume items that are supposed to be silly, fun or sexy, there are bloody like, human hand stumps and gruesome weapons galore.

Gore-lore, actually. Entrails coming out of rubber stomachs.

You see how this dagger dripping with fake blood is displayed right next to a colorful tutu and a red silly rubber clown nose? Hahahaha!

Evil Clown Weapon, it’s called. Call Ronald! Let’s have a Happy Meal.

I’m sure glad the handle is rainbow colored, how festive.

What a terrific way to draw the eyes of small, innocent children. Oh, and delightful fuzzy pom poms plus artful blood splatter.

Adorable. Sleep well, gore manufacturing mongers.

I’m sure no children will be traumatized or gradually become desensitized to horror and violence.

(Yes, I’m being sarcastic. But you knew that.)

This is why I go to these stores sans kiddo.

xo- H

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Sushi Cat

sushi cat

Psst: If you have a cat, you can dress it up like sushi. I would totally buy this costume if I had any pet or a baby, right now.

Well played, Kate, well played.


~ h

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