Blue Man Group

blue man

This is my husband Nick on the left, wearing a blue shirt that perfectly matches the blue face of my brother in law, Brent.

By the way, Brent, thank you for my first kayak ride in the ocean! It was awesome.

blue man beard

Brent looks here like he’s auditioning to be a new member of the performing Blue Man Group.

Vegas, anyone?

blue beard

He appears to have covered his face and substantial beard in blue paint, thick blue paint, no?

But that is not the case.

You see, what really happened here is that my little baby sister, Sierra, dug her hands into the leftover frosting from my kiddo Bex’s 7th birthday cake in North Carolina, then she subtly smeared it all over her hubby’s face.

And eyebrows.

blue frosting face

What a good sport! Go Brent.

The kids loved it.

It was their third anniversary that week. He bought her two bunches of wildflowers.

mr blue

Awww…that’s fun, sweet love.


~ h

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Skinny Salmon Wasabi Ponzu!

salmon wasabi ponzu

This is a healthy summer grilling recipe that couldn’t be much easier or much more delicious.

I bought frozen wild salmon, skinless, from Trader Joe’s and defrosted it in cool water in the package.

Then we sprayed the outdoor grill lightly with some olive oil spray and heated it to medium.

You just remove the defrosted salmon from the package (unless you have fresh), and rinse it with cool water and pat it dry.

I sprayed the top of the salmon lightly with the olive oil spray, then added a good shake of garlic powder and a good squeeze of fresh lemon juice all over.

Next, I drizzled some reduced sodium soy sauce and we put them on the grill for about 12 minutes. You’ll have to adjust that time for the thickness of the salmon ya got, etc.

I’d rather have my salmon sort of medium, not overcooked.

Right before serving I added another drizzle of soy sauce and a good drizzle of wasabi sauce.

(I bought this at Target, the brand is S&B Wasabi Sauce, and it tastes exactly like the creamy wasabi you get on specialty rolls at sushi restaurants!)

I served it with lemon wedges and half of a ripe avocado, sprinkling the avocado with some garlic salt and fresh lemon juice.

Heart healthy, easy and divine!

Calories: This will vary depending on how many ounces of salmon you serve, but mine was 160 calories per 4 ounces.

I served about 7 ounces each, so roughly 300, plus maybe 30-50 for the oil, about 150 calories for the half avocado each, 100 calories or less each for the lemon and combo sauce…

I’ll call this hearty amount about 600 calories each, or less. And so high protein and low carb.

Happy grilling!

Enjoy and hop over and “Like” Skinny Mama Meals on Facebook for more recipes and weight loss inspiration.


~ Heidi

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My Summer Entertainment Picks 2014

hyperbole and a half book cover

What I’m reading and watching. A list.

1.) Hyperbole and a Half: unfortunate situations, flawed coping mechanisms, mayhem, and other things that happened-  the book by Allie Brosh.

I bought this just before getting on a plane and it absolutely saved my 5 hour flight.

I know Allie’s blog and already loved her, but the book is a must read, if you’ve ever suffered depression or if you enjoy laughter.

Allie Brosh is a treasure, there’s no one else like her. The way she draws herself as a cartoon has been stolen for many internet memes and it’s priceless.

2.) Orange is The New Black Season 2- on Netfix.

This might be my favorite show ever made and that’s not just because I want to be prepared to survive prison just in case, and I enjoy watching lesbian sex. Continue reading

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FOMO: Fear of Missing Out

Happy July 4th

My sister Laura said on our recent family vacation that my little sister Sierra and I have always had bad FOMO and that she doesn’t have FOMO.

FOMO meaning: Fear Of Missing Out.

We laughed because it’s true, it used to be true, but I have good news about getting older: at least for me, my FOMO is wayyyy less than it used to be, and that is a very good thing.

Today is the 4th of July, which is a great day to talk about this, because you may be going to a BBQ, and you may not be.

You may have been invited to a BBQ party, but you wonder if there’s a BETTER party that you weren’t invited to.

A cooler party, a bigger one.

You may drink alcohol (or not) and catch a buzz, but you may wonder if you could have a BETTER buzz. And a worse hangover, ha ha.

You may go to see some fireworks tonight, but you may wonder if this is the BEST fireworks show near you, should you drive farther for the one where thousands of people will be?

I have some exciting news: Continue reading

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Is Housewife An Insult?

Heidi Ferrer

Today, a moron tried to pay me a compliment.

At least, I think it was a compliment. He said something to the effect that my statement made at a lunch meeting was emotionally intelligent, and that he can take ideas from all kinds of people, even “A housewife.”

Gasp! Am I “a housewife?”!

Well, let’s take stock. I try not to be insulted too easily, I try to give people a break. He looked to be maybe in his 60′s, with a genial manner and a smile on his pleasant face.

I guess in the literal sense, I am, in fact, a person who lives in a house who is married. I am a wife. Who dwells in a house.

A house. Wife? If he’s an old codger who dwells in an apartment, does that make him an Apartment Codger? Why the labels, girl?

Hmm. I think of a housewife as someone who wears big curlers in their hair and a fluffy robe and bunny slippers to pick up the old timey newspaper in the yard, and not ironically.

I think of a housewife as Erma Bombeck, if she didn’t have a career as a flippin’ funny badass writer.

And that’s the public, olden days version of Erma, if she were alive today, she might be into BDSM.

We don’t know. Continue reading

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Baby, You’re A Firework

sunset beach firework

Yes, we are that family. The ones who set off a firework in the middle of the street outside quiet vacation beach rental homes.

family firework

This is a precious time, when our mother is still alive, when my sister’s kids, Bex’s cousins, are all (mostly) close to the same age, 6 or 7.

We travel 11 hour travel days, two ways, to be there, because we know these are magical memories the cousins will remember long after they are grown, with children of their own.

This is why family is so vital, blood is thick.

sunset beach 2014 family

We’re attached to each other for life, maybe we even were put together by God on a soul journey of sorts, to help each other.

None of us are perfect, not a one, some of us are fighting something real that I can’t even write about here, privacy and dignity take precedence.

So we splash in the blue green ocean and get new freckles and sunspots and tans and burns, eat things called Hellacious Barges at Crabby Oddwater’s, laugh and stay up late and tell sister secrets.

Little cousins telling each other “You’re my best friend.” The same best friend who blew out all of the candles on his cousin’s birthday cake, ha ha.

Well, he paused too long, man.


None of us know how long we have each other on this earth and as we sisters get older and watch our children become unique individuals, we feel it all the more.

Lineage, time, beauty, aging.


Sometimes it’s so beautiful I want the flames to last.


~ H

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Sex Toys Gone Wrong

Lemme tell ya a little story about The Rabbit, remember that episode from “Sex and the City”?

My friend S told me about how The Rabbit, which is a vibrator of sorts, sold out and was on back order after that episode came out.

And guess what happened? There was a recall on Rabbits, one batch apparently was shocking women’s ladybits. I mean as in literally shocking their kitties.

Well, not many of them were returned! Maybe they liked the faulty wiring? Ahem.

Enjoy this video, vegan anal lube that tastes like cake? Wow. Pretty funny. xo~ H

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