Robin Williams Tribute Video- Jamie Costa

Wow! This made me smile. I hope it does you, too. Well done, Jamie Costa. You’re a gifted young man, indeed.

RIP to our friend, beloved Robin.


~ h

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Skinny Zucchini Egg Skillet!

skinny zucchini egg skillet

One thing that’s trending in foodie blogs/minds these days  is a one pot or one skillet meal.

It’s looks fabulous and you can eat this whole skillet yourself with no guilt, it’s low carb and diet friendly.

Mine contains only four ingredients plus optional savory seasonings and is ready in less than 10 minutes!

Here’s what I did to make the scrumptious lunch I had above:


1.) One large to extra large egg, I bought yummy eggs from cage free chickens that are allowed to roam in fresh grass and sunlight long and far. They may even have their own spa.

2.) One large zucchini, washed and sliced thinly lengthwise with the ends cut off. I went with organic.

3.) Two teaspoons of real salted butter or extra virgin olive oil. I like Kerrygold.

4.) About two tablespoons of shaved Parmesan or Romano cheese or a blend. You could also go for goat cheese, yum! Whatever you like.

Optional seasonings:

I used a few dashes of garlic powder, Lawry’s garlic salt, smoked paprika and black pepper. I added a dash of dried parsley for garnish.

Hot sauce would be great, too.


I like a non stick skillet but some folks like to make these in the heavy ole iron cast ones.

Heat the oil or butter on medium until  it melts and gets hot. Lay the thinly sliced zucchini over the butter/oil in a single layer and cook with the lid on until one side begins to lightly brown.

Flip the zucchini and carefully crack the egg in the middle.

Add your sprinkled cheese and seasonings last, and cook with the lid on or off to your desired doneness.

Feel free to cook the egg all the way through and flip it, this is super yummy scrambled together. I left mine runny since it was from a farm who names their chickens, but I know it was still risky, luckily I did not get sick.

Either eat from the skillet (be careful, it’s hot) or move to a plate and enjoy!

Calories: My whole skillet came to about 250 calories total.


~ h

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When All is Said and Done- Ram Dass Quote

ram dass quote

This is a cell phone photo of a dandelion in my yard. To me, they’re not weeds, they’re a happy symbol of my childhood.

Have a safe and beautiful walk and we can meet on the way home.


~ h

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Cat Space Tacos

cat space tacos

Where do I begin? These cats look alarmed.

This is the front of a muscle t-shirt (armless) that I encountered in the children’s section of my local Target.

Your clothing says something about you. What statement do you think this fashion choice is trying to make?

1.) I like cats.

2.) I like tacos and burritos.

3.) I like space.

Or is it…?

4.) I like to eat cats. Inside of tacos and burritos. In space.

cat space taco t shirt

5.)…While I’m showing off my muscles. I’m an alien who eats cats inside of warm tortillas and crunchy corn shells. Wanna party?

Hel-lo ladies!

Or is it saying:

6.) I’m a child of parents with extremely bad taste for buying me this t-shirt. A shirt that was probably conceived in creative concept by dudes smoking a doobie.

That’s pot to you youngsters.

7.) My parents are high right now?

8.) Please save these cats drifting aimlessly in the solar system, call PETA.

9.) But don’t call Peeta from The Hunger Games, that guy can barely save himself. I mean the PETA who saves animals. Continue reading

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Anne Lamott 61st Birthday Wisdom

lilies girl to mom

I love Anne Lamott. She recently posted this wonderful pre-birthday letter or note on her Facebook page, and it is kooky and full of precious life force and truth.

I’m kooky, too, let’s face it.

Here’s one of my favorite lines from her note:

“We Christians think death is a major change of address.”

~ Anne Lamott

Awesome. I won’t print the entire thing here, but I highly recommend reading it.

Here is another one of my favorites quotes:

“Life is a precious unfathomably beautiful gift; and it is impossible here, on the incarnational side of things.

It has been a very bad match for those of us who were born extremely sensitive. It is so hard and weird that we wonder if we are being punked.”

Ha ha, oh my god, yes. I so get that.

Here is the whole lovely thing: Anne Lamott 61st Birthday Wisdom

I am not of her same generation and I’m not as political as she is, etc., but she speaks to my soul. She’s a gift wrapped up in the body of a human.


~ H

P.S. The cell phone photo above is of lilies I found on the street- seriously, not in someone’s lawn or on the sidewalk, they’re roadside flowers. Found beauty is everywhere.

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Minecraft Dance Off

It’s a boy dance party! My sweet Bexon has recovered from the worst flu he’s ever had and here is the happy proof.

In the video above he’s doing an epic dance off in our living room, inspired by the Minecraft Animation called Witch Encounter by Slamacow on YouTube.

He taught himself this dance from watching the video. I think it shows potential gifts that may land him on Dancing With the Stars one day, baby!

The video is just a poor cell phone quality with bad lighting, but I think his enthusiasm shines through.

Mama is so proud.

Here’s the original video:


~ H

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Brown Eyed Boy

brown eyed boy

My brown eyed boy has been very sick for 6 days. (That is the new beauty mark that appeared on the side of his face, by the way…)

He was super sick on Easter. I had promised him when he got sick on Thursday and threw up at spring day camp that “At least you’ll be better for Easter!”

I was wrong. I hurt when he hurts. It’s its own kind of suffering, parents wanting so much to make them well, instantly when we can’t.

We’ve done everything we can to make him as comfortable as possible. We kept trying to get him all of his favorite comfort foods and he rejected all of it, guess who ended up eating them?

The stressed out ‘rents. Continue reading

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