Lice Prevention for Kids

Ahhh! We already got the first dreaded “lice letter” this year, from the principal of our son’s elementary school, informing us that someone in my kid’s 2nd grade has head lice.

The good news is we’ve never had it in our house, and I believe that’s because of the natural remedies we use for lice prevention.

Here are my tips, they’re pretty inexpensive, easy, natural and really seem to work.

Here is the link to the natural Lice Repel Spray on Amazon that I talk about in the video.

Here is the tea tree shampoo and tea tree conditioner.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Let’s stop those nasty lil vampires.


~ Heidi

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R.I.P. Joan Rivers


Can we talk about Joan Rivers?

1.) Because she was a pioneer for women in comedy.

2.) Because I’ve made a living as a woman writing comedy and I owe her a debt, as I do and she did to Phyllis Diller before her.

3.) Because she survived a family member’s suicide (her husband and father of her only child) and bravely went on with her life and career…

4.) Because she was finished in show business more than once and never gave up…

5.) Because although I felt she could sometimes be cruel, she was funny until the end.

6.) Because she taught us all a lesson in staying passionate and enthusiastic about life and work until age 81.

7.) Because by example she maybe taught us to do a little less plastic surgery, ha.

8.) Because she invented the “Who are you wearing?” of the red carpet.

9.) Because without Phyllis Diller and Joan Rivers paving the way, there is no Roseanne Barr or Sarah Silverman or Chelsea Handler…

10.) Because I know she touched my life when I called my own mother to talk about it when I heard she died.

Thanks for the laughs, Joan. And for permission not to clean my house.


~ Heidi

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Skinny Mediterranean Wrap!

skinny mediterranean wrap

I love the taste of Mediterranean food. You’ll often hear people say that the Mediterranean diet is the healthiest, or one of the healthiest ways you can eat.

This wrap is sooo creamy and good and it takes only five minutes to assemble.

In this case, I bought everything in it at Trader Joe’s, but you can get these ingredients at pretty much any grocery or health food store.


1.) A full sized tortilla, I used an organic whole wheat olive oil one. (160 calories)

2.) Two tablespoons of creamy hummus, I like the kind with pine nuts on top.

3.) One fourth cup prepared Tabbouleh, you know, the stuff with chopped parsley and tomatoes, it’s tangy and lemon-y. Yum.

4.) Two stuffed grape leaves or dolmas.

You can buy these in a can and the ones at Trader Joe’s are really good, stuffed with creamy rice with dill and mint.

4.) About two ounces of cooked chicken breast or turkey would work, too. Sliced, chopped, shredded, however you like it.

(Or leave this out and make it vegetarian.)

5.) One ounce of fat free feta cheese crumbles.

Optional: A squeeze of fresh lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste.

mediterranean wrap


This one is pretty self explanatory, but I just heated my tortilla in a non stick frying pan (without oil) until warm, then filled it with the ingredients, rolled it up, cut it in half and my tummy and taste buds went to town!


Calories: With the chicken, mine was about 500 calories, without the chicken, 400.

Enjoy and “Like” Skinny Mama Meals on Facebook for more recipes and weight loss inspiration.


~ Heidi

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10 Ways To Be Happy

Hey, here is my new short video on 10 Keys to Being Happier.

I’ll never pretend to be the person who has life all figured out, and that’s why I need these tips. Progress, not perfection.

These simple cognitive ideas always make my day (or night) better. It’s a daily practice and I don’t always do it right, but when I do, I’m well, happier.

Hope this helps someone else. :-)


~ Heidi

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Awkward Moments at the Water Park

Heidi Ferrer Girl to Mom

For Labor Day, we went to a fun water park near Ojai, California where Bex’s Nana Linda lives.

On entering the water park, the young boys who work there check your bag for I guess bombs or contraband Cheetos, and I happened to be at the end of shall we say, a light female end of the sentence.

I had a slender, wrapped un-used tampon in my bag, and there is nothing quite like the moment that passes between a grown ass woman who is a mother in a bathing suit, all greased up and about to get in public water ways, and the eyes of a knowing young man who is all of about twenty years old, when he spies her loose Tampax tossing about willy nilly in her Earth bag.

He raises his gaze to my eyes and his look says “I know something about you that no one else in this park does. You are on the rag and you have  a lady vagina. I know you stick things up it. I feel a sense of power in this knowledge and I don’t know why. Carry on with your lady parts, ma’am.”

Anyway, we’re married now. Continue reading

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Best Face Sunscreens

Hey, here’s a short video, about three minutes, all about my fave face sunscreens, both for daily wear and for the beach. I found a new one for the beach that is the best ever!


~ Heidi

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The Difference Between a Boy and His Dad

bex sunlight

My seven year old boy Bexon was told by another mom at his school, the sweet and beautiful Ms. D, “You know, you look exactly like your Dad.”

There are many ways they look different, of course, one is that Nick is bigger than him in every way.

He’s also hairier.

He has darker hair on his head that’s less wavy with some salt and pepper going on, George Clooney style. Bex is still blonde.

Nick gets stubble on his face and has to shave. Bex’s feet have my high arches, a good thing. Oh and Nick’s about 37 years older than Bex.

“You look exactly like your Dad,” she said, smiling.

And Bex looked at her matter of factly and said “Yes, but he doesn’t have a headband.”

Yep, that’s the only difference. His beloved neon green, NBA headband.

boy dad sunglassesHey Nick, want some ointment for that burn? :-)


~ H

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