What I’m Giving Up for Lent 2015

heart shaped tree

These fluffy looking white flower trees have been blooming around Los Angeles lately, it’s like we get an early spring in the middle of everyone else’s winter.

I think this is an Ornamental Pear Tree, but correct me if I’m wrong.

Doesn’t this one along my favorite walk look almost shaped like a heart?

I love flowering trees, we have pink ones lately, too.

The purple Jacaranda trees come in spring, something dazzling to look forward to as we crawl out of the crappy winter flus and viruses that have been from Satan this year.

I was talking to my mom before last weekend, Valentine’s Day weekend, and saying that I had been doing pretty well on my pre-summer diet for all of about four days, but that Valentine’s Day we were going out to dinner and every year that weekend tends to get my diet derailed.

It’s like a conspiracy with all of the chocolates and the brownies and cupcakes with hearts and pink frosting everywhere and the candy aisles beckoning.

It almost feels like your duty to eat Girl Scout cookies this time a year, ahhh mean!

And don’t even get me started on Mardi Gras indulgences and King Cake.

Balance has been one of the big ongoing struggles of my life.

My mom in Louisiana said oh well, “Why don’t you just wait until after Fat Tuesday and then you can start Lent? You have forty days until Easter.”

I seriously don’t know if I’ve actually ever done Lent right. I’m not Catholic and I always thought it was more of a Catholic thing. (I’m Christian, it turns out it’s both.)

I knew it involved giving up something for the entirety of Lent and I had heard that it had to be something you would miss or it doesn’t really count.

I said to my mom what would I give up? Sugar? (That doesn’t seem possible for me.)

My mom said casually, “Why don’t you give up binging?”

That sounds like a mean thing to say, but it really isn’t to me. I don’t binge in front of my mom, it’s not something that I ever plan to do, for me binging happens sort of accidentally.

It definitely includes comfort food eating, and it often occurs when I’ve had either a really good day (celebrating a holiday, birthday, etc.) or a really bad day and I’m stressed out or sick or hormonal.

Or all of the above.

It doesn’t usually involve me buying a gallon of ice cream for myself and eating the whole thing…although I have bought a bag of Lindt truffles or big frosted bakery cupcakes and ate a lot of them fast in a parking lot.

Wow, this is sort of embarrassing, binging is such a private kind of shame. Continue reading

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And The Day Came Anais Nin Quote

and the day came quote

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Kid’s Valentine’s Poem

kid's valentine's poem

My kiddo Bexon, age 7, penned this original poem for me and his father for Valentine’s Day.

I’m going to transcribe it for you here with spelling corrections, and man is it ever intense. Bex really kicked it up a notch to the next level.

Let me tell you at the outset that his teacher told me today that he was given no direction on what to write, nor did the other kids hear of or write a similar poem.

As he put it, “It came from my own brain.”

Valentine’s Poem

by Bexon, age 7

Tiger tiger tiger in the night

Love spreads up high so bright

Lions hunt in the night

like flying chained mice

with angels flying in

the night sky.

Boom. This kid is keeping it real. Hello, Junior Bukowski.

I really hope he never does drugs, because, flying chained mice?

I’m very proud and a little scared, haha.

Xo ~ H

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I Mustache You a Question

mustache pacifier

I mustache you a question, but I will shave it for later.

Brilliant baby pacifier idea, hipsters. Get me a baby, stat!


~ h

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Nicknames for Parents

boy officer sunglasses

Raising children is very hard and it’s not for the weak, but sometimes it’s ridiculously funny.

Last night my seven year old Bexon announced to me that he made up a nickname for me. I was scared, but I asked what it is.

Bex: Your nickname is Tick-hole.

Me: Tickle? You want to nickname me Tickle? Awww.

Bex: No, Tick-hole.

Me: Umm, could you spell that?

Bex: T-i-c-o-l-e. Ticole.

Me: (Relieved) Oh, Ticole! Okay. Haha. What’s your Dad’s nickname?

Nick walks in the room, unsuspecting.

Bex: Dad, your nickname is…(thinking)…Humpson.

Nick: (reeling) Humpson? I’m Humpson?

Bex: Yes.

Me: I think I got off easy with Ticole.

Nick: (stunned) I think Humpson is the worst nickname I’ve ever heard.

Later, privately, I tell Nick that if it hadn’t come from an innocent child, Tick-hole and Humpson sound like our bad porn names, snicker.

Nick says they also sound like we’re a crime fighting duo with mustaches, or like a 70’s cheesy detective/cop show.

I’ll now be calling Nick Humpson for the rest of my life, with delighted glee.

But never, ever during sex. That would just be too weird.


~ h

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Couscous Arugula!

skinny couscous arugula

This is s delicious, fast, easy and healthy trick you can use to add some greens into your pasta and “bulk it out” with the veggies.

Reduced guilt pasta! This is also a sneaky way to get your salad into your main dish. We love that.

I used Israeli couscous this time, which is basically like tasty little pasta balls, but this trick works with any regular pasta shape, too.

Try angel hair, fettuccine, spaghetti, or penne as well. Mmm carbs.

Once the couscous or pasta is cooked and drained, you gently toss in fresh arugula when you add olive oil or sauce and simply warm it together just until the greens wilt.

Season as desired and serve, yum.

Ingredients: (Serves 4)

1.) One 8 ounce box of Israeli couscous, I bought mine at Trader Joe’s.

2.) 7 ounces fresh washed arugula, I used organic baby arugula from a bag.

3.) Extra virgin olive oil, one tablespoon for browning the couscous and 4 more tablespoons for drizzling over the cooked pasta/arugula.

4.) Optional: 1 and 3/4 cups low sodium or regular chicken broth or veggie broth to cook the couscous in.

1 and 3/4 cups of water will also work fine. I just used low sodium chicken broth to make it a little more savory.

These are the basic ingredients, every other add is optional- this time, I added:

5.) Five cloves of garlic, sliced and lightly toasted in some olive oil spray in a non stick pan.

6.) Four tablespoons of chopped sundried tomatoes.

7.) One tablespoon toasted pinenuts.

Salt and pepper to taste, I used garlic salt, and add cheese like Parmesan or goat cheese if ya like and/or additional protein.

skinny couscous arugula

8.) I added some crumbled goat cheese medallions (one ounce per serving) right as I was serving it.

9.) …And a little rotisserie chicken I had already cooked, to make a lovely lunch.

But this can be a main dish all on its own.


Simply prepare the couscous per the package instructions or make another pasta instead.

The trick with this couscous is you first lightly brown it in one tablespoon olive oil over medium heat in a large (2 quart) saucepan or very large nonstick skillet.

The browning takes about five minutes. Meanwhile, bring broth or water to a boil separately.

When just browned, slowly add the broth or water to the couscous and bring to a boil.

Reduce the heat to medium low and cover. Simmer for 12 minutes or until liquid is absorbed.

I find it convenient to pour the cooked couscous into my biggest pasta metal pot to have a lot of space to stir in the arugula.

(If you are using regular pasta, of course drain it before this step.)

On medium heat, gradually stir in the fresh washed arugula a cup at a time, adding the additional four tablespoon of oil and gently stirring until the arugula just wilts.

Season to taste, add any additional garnishes and ingredients and serve.

Calories: The couscous unprepared is 180 calories per serving. The way I served it with the goat cheese and chicken, etc., came to about 500-550 calories per person.

A filling, but light, satisfying lunch.

Hope you enjoy.


~ Heidi

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Clouds Come Floating Into My Life- Tagore Quote

sunset quote

I love this quote. This sunset was outside my front door last week. Glorious.


~ h

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