Calm Meditation App

calm app

Hi. I’ve been doing meditation for a while, but I often forget to do it for long stretches and haven’t been as consistent as I should be.

Lately, though, I’ve been using this free app called Calm, which I first heard about in an interview with actress Jennifer Garner.

(Not sponsored by, I just wanted to share about this because the world will be a better place if we all have a little more calm.)

Jennifer mentioned that she uses her Calm app in her car, she has three kids, ha ha…and later on I downloaded it for free on my iPhone- and then promptly, of course, forgot about it.

Down the road, I realized I was winter deficient in Vitamin D and my sensitive skin that can get patches craved sunlight. Sunlight is my Psoriasis cure.

I know I’m lucky to live in Los Angeles for this, I simply have to go outside for 20 minutes and expose my skin to the sun (on my arms and legs, I wear daily sunscreen on my face/neck/chest and usually, hands.)

When I was growing up, my mom always said that for 20 minutes of unprotected sunlight, your skin produces melanin and tans, and after that, you’re just burning.

Maybe for very fair people 20 minutes every 24 hours is too much, but it seems to work for me. I tan well.

I put a pink Chinese flowered yoga mat on the grass in my backyard and lie down on my back, putting my ear buds in my ears and putting the Calm app on the ocean image with the sound of the beach, waves, wind and seagulls. Continue reading

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Perception Changes Everything


Is this a lowly caterpillar crawling on a sidewalk on a hot day, certain to be squashed, or a miracle of life, a beautiful creature just moving towards possible metamorphosis?

Towards glorious flight?

Two stories about perception:

I know someone whose friend told him that he felt like he was God’s walking joke, that God or the Universe was always laughing at him as he fell on his face and had many troubles in life.

My friend replied that he didn’t feel that way about God at all, he said with a big smile,”I think God walks around with a picture of me in His wallet.”

These days many of us don’t carry paper photos in our wallets of our kids, maybe that’s kind of an old fashioned thing to do, but the point of the story is in the perception.

My smiling friend didn’t have a perfect life free of troubles, he wasn’t perfect himself- far from it, but he perceived God or the Universe as loving him and being so very proud that he was His child, He wanted to carry my friend’s picture around and show it off with love and pride.

The second story:

There are two long tables filled with people and both tables have a glorious feast of food laid out on them.

At one table, all of the people have long wooden spoons attached to their arms and hands and they are trying to greedily feed themselves, to no avail.

They’re holding up the long spoons over their heads and dropping food everywhere, but none in their mouths. They can’t bend their arms or fingers and they are starving.

At the other table, the people have the same long spoons attached to their arms, but they are joyous are happy and full of the feast, you see, they are not trying to only feed themselves, they are feeding each other.


~ Heidi

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Skinny Bacon Kale Tomato Dip!

skinny bacon kale tomato dip

Mmmm, skinny dips. I love me some dip! This one I whipped up is pretty healthy and delish.

It’s almost a BLT dip with the twist of the healthy bright green kale.


1.) One cup finely chopped or shredded/torn kale leaves, I used organic Tuscon kale from a bag, with the crunchy sticks removed by hand (mine.)

Psst: you could try this instead with baby spinach or finely chopped romaine lettuce.

2.) One half cup non fat plain Greek yogurt like Fage.

3.) Two tablespoons low fat mayo like Best Foods Light.

4.) 5 slices cooked bacon, I often buy the kind that is nitrate free and pre-cooked already, I just heat it in the microwave on a plate for 45-50 seconds until crisp.

5.) 6 or so green onions, washed and chopped.

6.) 6-8 small ripe tomatoes, I like organic sugar plum tomatoes.

Optional seasonings: I added a few dashes of my fave standbys to taste: Lawry’s garlic salt, garlic powder, black pepper and a dash of dried parsley at the end.

Hot pepper or hot sauce would be yummy for a kick, too.

Just prepare, wash, chop measure and mix the ingredients in a dip bowl.

You may want to crumble the bacon in last so it shows more on top.

Serve with corn chips, pitas, crackers, cucumber rounds or just eat it with a spoon! Yummy.

This entire bowl is approximately 400 calories without the chips. Split it between two people at only 200 calories each, 4 at just 100.



~ H

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Secret Garden Ojai


One of the benefits of getting a little older is that you begin to truly realize that what makes you happy are simple things, things that are real and true, things that are not things.

forest path

Like the beauty of nature and moments with a child, captured memories both brief and infinite.

This past weekend, we visited Ojai, California, and near where my husband’s mom Linda lives is a secret path.

boy walking path woods

A path you wouldn’t be able to find if locals didn’t tell you where to look…

It’s lush and green due to the recent blessed California rains.

It smells rich with growth, the plants are alive, pulsating with the sun’s energy and teeming with joy.

forest path boy looks back

Don’t turn back if you find it, there are no witches hiding in this forest. Just magic. Continue reading

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Listmakers Are More Successful People

heidi ferrer

I heard that people who make lists, like “to do” lists are more successful people.

Maybe it’s just that we feel more successful when we get to cross things off of our list!

I highly recommend putting a couple of things on your morning list that you’ve already accomplished.

My husband says I should write: “Open eyes” and cross it off first, ha ha.

I find that making a list in the morning gives me something to come back to if my head starts spinning out during the day or if I get a little tired or spacey.

At the end of the day, if I’ve crossed most of the things off, I don’t get bothered if there are one or two things that I have to roll over until the next day’s list.

I’m not type A.

Unless that thing I forgot to do is “pick up my child from school” because they frown on that in our society. It’s the law or something.

For example, on an average day, I might start with:

1.) Get Bex ready/ take him to school, get dressed myself.

2.) Healthy breakfast.

3.) Make to do list.

It’s only 9am and I’ve already crossed three things off my list. I am rocking this day. Yawn!

I may get my hair done did then take a nap. :-)

Go make your list, you’ll be glad you did.


~ h

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Bad Idea Baby Onesie

bad idea baby onesie

I saw this in a store window this past weekend. I can’t be the only one who thinks this is a bad idea for a baby onesie.

“But Mom, I was supposed to end up in jail, look how you dressed me as a baby!”

Call the future therapist, stat.


~ h

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All I Wanted Was a Keychain

jesus keychains

Amazon, you really need to decide who you think I am.

Case in point: I recently found myself in need of a new keychain.

I lean towards cute or sentimental, at one point I was into Hello Kitty and had a keychain of her/it, but I’ve been using a cheap red plastic one and wanted something with a little more flair.

I did a casual search on, I think I just put in “keychains.”

I wanted something that says “me.”

Whimsical, maybe, nothing fancy, a keychain that says I don’t take myself too seriously, but gives me a happy feeling when I pull out my keys from my purse 1,000 times a day.

Now, since my tastes sometimes lean towards that of a 12 year old girl and I am a Christian, I wasn’t too surprised when Amazon suggested for me these colorful “Jesus is Light” mini flashlights.

Not what I was looking for, but okay, maybe they sell a silver angel wing, perhaps? To remind me I’m always being watched over? Awww.

Let’s keep looking…

I put in another search. I think I typed in “funny keychains” which turned out to be a terrible, horrifying mistake.

Because Amazon went from thinking I’m cute and Jesus-y to this nightmare that I can’t burn from my brain: (Do not click to the next page if you are easily offended…PG-13)… Continue reading

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