12 Easy Weight Loss Tips

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If you have indulged on rich food from nearly every country in the world between Thanksgiving and New Year’s (like I have, ha)–

–Then these simple tips are great reminders on how to slim your diet to start off the new year right.

12 Simple Weight Loss Tips:

1.) When you’re a little hungry, especially between meals, ask yourself first: Could I have some fruit?

How about a salad or a veggie with light dressing, or just a drizzle of butter or olive oil?

There’s a reason fruit is zero points on Weight Watchers, as well as no points for most low carb steamed or raw veggies, especially the green ones.

They just fill you up with a lot of fiber and nutrition and the more servings of these you can add into your day, the better.

2.) If my answer is “No, I need protein,” I may add some lean chicken or turkey to a green salad with low fat ranch or Ceasar dressing…

Or do lean protein between meal snacks like turkey with a little hummus, avocado or cheese rolled up (psst: mustard is also a free food) or salsa with chopped cucumbers and fat free feta cheese.

3.) I don’t do no carb. If I’m trying to lean out, though, I usually save most of my carbs for dinner, during the day, they can weigh me down.

An exception is a whole grain tortilla, lean protein and cheese wrap for lunch, which really works for me.

I add lettuce and low fat mayo and mustard or another light sauce.

Hot sauce is usually a free food (almost no calories).

If I have pasta out, I try to make a smart choice like angel hair with pomodoro or marinara sauce with shrimp.

I love pesto, but at a restaurant, it’s a splurge item. Pasta cream sauces eating out, just forget it, ha.

4.) Split an entree at big portion restaurants or take half home. The pastas are usually way more than one serving, more like four.

5.) Don’t drink fattening drinks unless it’s really worth it, that includes regular sodas and juices.

Instead, do a few splashes of a 100 percent juice with no sugar added and mix it in sparkling water. I use tart cherry juice and orange water and add Truvia to make it sweet.

6.) Have two to three bites of dessert, one bite is usually around 50-75 calories. That’s enough to experience it.

7.) Ask yourself if you really want something that’s not a great choice.

Ask yourself “Am I really hungry?” That’s helpful for us emotional eaters! Continue reading

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Hello 2015!

boy new years eve 2015

I know I should’ve posted this yesterday, but we were out and about and went to the zoo in the bright, sunny, crisp and clear winter L.A. weather, so better late than never.

It was a happy start. Bex is holding sparkling cider in his balloon “glasses” here, he has no taste for champagne, ha.

I’m so excited and hopeful for the fresh New Year, yay!


~ Heidi

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Live in the Moment and Don’t Plan Your Joys

live in the moment and don't plan your joys

Happy New Year, 2015! I think I made this quote up, anyway, it popped into my head today and I can’t find it anywhere else.

And Google knows everything, right?

(If someone else coined it, please let me know where, so I can give them credit.)

It’s not meant to be bossy, it’s basically advice to myself- that every holiday or birthday or New Year’s Eve doesn’t have to be the most fun ever.

It’s the joys you don’t plan that usually mean the most, I have found. In my elder years, ha.

And this is why I’m staying home on New Year’s Eve to celebrate with my family with take-out, PJs, sparkly hat wearing, dancing, TV ball dropping and horn blowing.

I always forget to not get my hopes built up on BIG HOLIDAYS, so I have to be reminded frequently, ya know?

Like every time.

We almost went out to an early restaurant reservation, but it felt like too much pressure to even get fancy dressed today.

And I do not want to be out in the cold and crowds, like that year in high school I got lost in the French Quarter, pulled away from my friend Kim in the crushed crowds and then crashed my car in a ditch on the way home, shudder.

Luckily I was unharmed, even after wandering at 3am looking for my car alone through darkened downtown New Orleans streets and even crashed in the ditch near a friend’s house out in the country, damn I have been ridiculously lucky in my life.

But back to the point:

It’s the happy moments you don’t plan or anticipate with high expectations that carry real magic.

I know this much is true.

Be careful out there tonight, but know you are part of the cool kids like me and Bex if you stay home, too. :-)

Love ya,

~ h

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A Christmas Boyhood

boy sleeping

I’ve spent seven Christmases as a parent, but I don’t think I’ve got it down yet.

Does every parent feel like they both do too much and at the same time, never enough for their precious ones?

My seven year old boy Bexon has asked us for a year for an Xbox or a Wii to play games on.

Last year, we said empirically “no,” that it was too expensive and also for the concern that he would eventually play games on it with too much violence, years down the road.

The console itself is from around $300.00 for the Wii U to about $350.00 for the Xbox. Each game is about $70 additionally, like whoah Nelly.

But this year, our kid planned ahead. He began negotiating early. We caved, realizing that a lot of his friends had the Wii already.

This year, it was all about the Skylander’s game, which if you have a young boy, you know that we are all in this together as wild eyed parental hostages in.

I’ve had fairly desperate conversations with random mothers about this at Toys R Us. They speak in hushed tones of the legend of the Kaos trap and how it used to be $5.99 but is now selling for upwards of $70.00 on eBay.

Skylander’s doesn’t seem that violent, hopefully, and the figures are very cool looking. We decided he could get just the Wii U and the one game.These were to be his only presents from Santa, who said “no” to the small personal TV he wanted to have, to put in his room.

We all know there’s a big build up to Santa, and the smart parents have used him as a bargaining chip for months while that creepy Elf has been Big Brother and Big Government all rolled into one, making him paranoid about his every childhood move.

Listen, I’m not totally proud, but bribery works, baby.

Anyway, last year, we reasoned, we ending up spending nearly that much on a bunch of little plastic things he never plays with anymore.

Almost $400.00 later, less than a week before Christmas when all other toys are sold out worldwide, Bex announced that he no longer wanted it.

He found out he could buy Skylander’s in a portal for about $30.00 to use on his Kindle.

I almost couldn’t process it, because I had been so proud and relieved that my Christmas shopping was done and dusted.

(By the way, the grandparents were also chipping in to help with the high cost of his dream toy, plus my whole family had already bought him Skylander’s figures.)

The Wii U was hidden in my closet, purchased weeks before online. Now we had to pay shipping to return toys to Santa?

I tried to convince him that this was his only chance to get it for another year. What if he changed his mind in a week?

No, he insisted, “I don’t need it.”

Now I had to scramble to find out what Skylander’s figures I could get him, as he had an Amazon gift card to buy the thing himself and did.

Of course, my kid asked for figures that were either sold out one week before Christmas or not released yet, or they were jacked up in price by third party sellers that would charge one meelion dollars to deliver before January 5th, 2027. Continue reading

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Motivational Fitness Quotes

health fitness motivational

I’m not gonna lie. This Christmas week, I fell completely out of my fitness (walking routine.)

I’ve been a little under the weather, on and off, and busy with family and being Santa Mom.

We went out of town just for two days, but that still involved packing and unpacking and eating and socializing and cleaning the house for a family guest, a great uncle from Germany, to visit with us for a few days afterwards.

I’m a little more jiggly than a few months ago. It seems like the eating marathon just started with the stress of finding out we suddenly had to move our entire house and find a place to live right before and during the school year, and then the holidays were upon us.

I released a lot of cortisol, the stress hormone, and ate many comfort foods. They were delicious and plentiful.

Mmm noodles.

Then it was Thanksgiving and then my husband’s birthday celebration and then Christmas and holiday eating out and treats.

Which is all fine, but my brain and body is craving getting back into more balance and back into a healthier routine.

I’m sure I’m not the only one!

love yourself quote

Our days get back to more or less normal on Monday, in two days, so for now I’m not gonna beat myself up about it and just enjoy the remaining family time. Continue reading

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Dear Santa, Define Good

dear santa funny picture

My little boy Bexon, age 7, said this to me this week, quite seriously:

“I’m worried that I’m gonna get coal.”

Coal has not even been brought up this year, so he clearly remembered that parental joke from a Christmas past. Oops.

We assured him this was not the case. That he has been very good.

On Sunday night, while I was singing him to sleep, he said this to me at the end of his two nightly rainbow songs (The Rainbow Connection and Somewhere Over the Rainbow):

Bex: (softly) Mommy?

Me: Yes, honey?

Bex: How many days is it until Christmas and what day is is tomorrow?

Me: (laugh) Four nights, so four big sleeps until Christmas morning. And tomorrow is Monday.

Bex: Okay. (pausing) Let’s do this.

He’s ready, man. I love his innocence and precious belief so much, I want to hold on to it forever.


~ H

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Keeping Christmas Simple

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I am not a theologian or a biblical expert or scholar in the slightest, I’m a 100% imperfect human, and I know that not everyone believes what I believe.

That includes dear friends and beloved members of my family.

And I’m totally okay with that.

But I know that (I believe) this much is true.

That Jesus stood for love. Forgiveness. Tolerance. Sacrifice. Giving. Miracles. Ministering to the sinners, the sick, the suffering, the hungry. Resilience. Courage. Hope.

Renewal. Peace.

Qualities I admire, but fall short of the majority of the time. I have my good moments…but of course, I fail again.

In the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, I try to stop and remind myself why I’m celebrating Christmas. God is love and so are we.

We are already forgiven.

We are lucky if we can break bread in this holy remembrance with loved ones and especially children.

Sometimes it’s nice to break it down to the simple things, the things that are the most eternal, clear, magic and true.


~ h

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