Promise Me You’ll Always Remember- Quote

promise me you'll always remember quote

I love this quote. For Bexon. And for me. And for you.


~ h

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Skinny Caesar Spinach!

skinny caesar spinach

I was in between lunch and dinner a couple days ago and felt hungry for a snack.

Looking in my fridge, I had a bag of baby organic spinach and I thought, I don’t feel like a salad right now, but I could use some green veggies.

Plain sauteed spinach didn’t quite sound flavorful enough, then I had a quick idea with only 2 ingredients.

This is more of a trick than a recipe, but it’s a good snack or side dish if you like spinach and the taste of Caesar. I love both.

I didn’t take the picture with Parmesan cheese added this time, but that would be delicious.


1.) One bag (6 ounces or 4 cups) of baby spinach. (80 calories)

2.) Two tablespoons bottled Caesar dressing of your choice.

I’m not vegan, but I like Follow Your Heart brand vegan Caesar dressing, I buy it in the refrigerated section of Whole Foods (not sponsored.)

It’s 35 calories per tablespoon, so mine was 70 for 2.

Directions: (Cooking time about 4-5 minutes)

Put the spinach directly in a large nonstick frying pan, no oil or water needed.

Turn the heat to high.

Drizzle the dressing on top of the raw spinach in the pan and put a lid on.

I use a glass lid so I can see what’s going on in there. A party, usually, ha.

After it begins to heat up for a couple of minutes, remove lid and stir occasionally, putting lid back on until the spinach is just barely cooked.

Serve with or without Parmesan cheese, add optional salt and pepper if desired.

Calories: With my dressing, this was only 150 calories total.

As a side dish for 2 people, it’s only 75 calories each.

Easy and yummy.


~ H

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Failure is Success in Progress

scary internet cookies

I recently went to my YouTube “what to watch” home page and saw this ad (above) on binge eating disorder targeting me.

Ahhh! So creepy.

It takes you to a video ad for a medication that is being sold, tennis player Monica Seles is the spokesperson who says on the video she had this problem for years.

Remember her, she was the one who was stabbed, which was so horrible.

(I am not advertising for this drug and have no idea if it works, I’m not taking it and have no plans to, so I’m not going to print its name.)

Why did this ad appear for me?

You know how when you search for boots on a website and suddenly Facebook starts advertising boots to you in the sidebar?

Or when you search for a hand held back massager and they end up offering you choices of personal massagers which are essentially vibrators?

(Internet Cookies’ Voice: We know what you were really looking for, honey…let us help you.) Continue reading

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Adventures in Dementia

book cover

Let’s talk about Dementia!

Dementia is something I would really prefer not to get.

(My spell check tried to change that to “Demetria” and I’m sorry about that, Demetria. Sue spell check.)

I’m not sure why I enjoy reading about Brooke Shields suffering, but I fell into reading her book about her relationship with her complicated mother, Teri Shields, titled “There Was a Little Girl” and her mother’s life ended with years of dementia.

I liked it and I think I was interested partly because I grew up a few years younger than Brooke, who was in movies like “The Blue Lagoon” that I guess I snuck into as a child and in Teen Beat Magazine “dating” all of the famous boys I had crushes on.

Brooke did have that roller skating rink date with dreamy Matt Dillon.

She is also while maybe not the best published writer I’ve ever read, deeply emotional and pours out her soul.

We always want to think people have lives that are easier than ours, but so many times that image turns out to not be true in the least- not for the rich, the famous and the beautiful like Brooke.

(I moved on and read her book about her severe Postpartum Depression, Down Came the Rain, which also proves her emotional bravely- girl has walked through some serious dark times and you just have to respect that.)

Depression is no joke…it is dark effing shit. It can be.

I also learned from her book about Postpartum that I had three of the five factors that make it more likely you’ll get it. That sounds about right. But I didn’t have it to the level she did.

Sometimes something keeps popping up in your life or consciousness and you have to wonder as Oprah once asked, “What am I to learn from this?” Continue reading

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Kindness is the New Black

kindness is the new black

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Love Me

love sign

Seen at my local mall.

I needed that this week.

I believe in signs.


~ H

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Love and Sandwiches

married sext

Because you’ve gotta keep it fresh, baby.

The sandwiches, I mean.


~ h

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