Baby, You’re A Firework

sunset beach firework

Yes, we are that family. The ones who set off a firework in the middle of the street outside quiet vacation beach rental homes.

family firework

This is a precious time, when our mother is still alive, when my sister’s kids, Bex’s cousins, are all (mostly) close to the same age, 6 or 7.

We travel 11 hour travel days, two ways, to be there, because we know these are magical memories the cousins will remember long after they are grown, with children of their own.

This is why family is so vital, blood is thick.

sunset beach 2014 family

We’re attached to each other for life, maybe we even were put together by God on a soul journey of sorts, to help each other.

None of us are perfect, not a one, some of us are fighting something real that I can’t even write about here, privacy and dignity take precedence.

So we splash in the blue green ocean and get new freckles and sunspots and tans and burns, eat things called Hellacious Barges at Crabby Oddwater’s, laugh and stay up late and tell sister secrets.

Little cousins telling each other “You’re my best friend.” The same best friend who blew out all of the candles on his cousin’s birthday cake, ha ha.

Well, he paused too long, man.


None of us know how long we have each other on this earth and as we sisters get older and watch our children become unique individuals, we feel it all the more.

Lineage, time, beauty, aging.


Sometimes it’s so beautiful I want the flames to last.


~ H

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Sex Toys Gone Wrong

Lemme tell ya a little story about The Rabbit, remember that episode from “Sex and the City”?

My friend S told me about how The Rabbit, which is a vibrator of sorts, sold out and was on back order after that episode came out.

And guess what happened? There was a recall on Rabbits, one batch apparently was shocking women’s ladybits. I mean as in literally shocking their kitties.

Well, not many of them were returned! Maybe they liked the faulty wiring? Ahem.

Enjoy this video, vegan anal lube that tastes like cake? Wow. Pretty funny. xo~ H

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Umm, No Thank You?

yeast flakes

Yeast flakes. My little sister said these are a flavor boost alternative for people who can’t eat cheese, like Parmesan.

I was afraid to try them, although she says they’re delicious. My only advice is, don’t shake them into your pants.



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Seven Years Ago Today I Gave Birth To This Guy

Bexon is 7

…And my heart has been walking outside of my body ever since. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Bexon’s Mommy

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Family Beach Trip 2014

Baby Girl Relaxing

Hey, I’ve been in Sunset Beach, North Carolina for my family’s annual beach trip. A lot of people I love most in the world in one place and crazy kid cousins going wild.

Above is my genius baby doll niece Saffron relaxing on the beach. She’s more precious than can be described and super smart and verbal. Just about the most yummy child ever.

Things come out of her wee baby doll voice that sound like an adult, it’s startling and awesome.

boy beach cowboy

Here’s my own lil’ beach cowboy Bexon, he’s had the time of his life in the ocean, he’s a water baby for sure.

heidi ferrer legs

Me, I have gotten in some summer relaxing lately, myself.

heidi ferrer sandcastle

I even built this sandcastle. I mean, photobombed it.

cute kids beach fun

We’ll be back home in L.A. today and my next trip is BlogHer ’14 in San Jose, whoo hoo!

Hope you’re having some summer fun yourself and maybe I’ll see you there.


~ H

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Skinny Taco Salad in Avocado Half!

Skinny Taco Salad in Avocado Half

Hey, here’s a light, fresh, easy Skinny Mama Meal idea if you adore avocado like I do.

Just make your favorite taco meat recipe by browning some lean meat with taco seasoning, cut a perfectly ripe avocado on half, remove the seed and fill it with the meat and toppings.

I used white meat ground turkey and added a little reduced fat shredded cheddar cheese, salsa, a couple of sliced black olives, and non fat Greek yogurt. (Low fat sour cream would be delicious, too.)

This is low carb and “skinny” as long as you don’t eat a whole bag of tortilla chips, ha ha. I added a couple for crunch.

Half of an average sized avocado is only about 150 calories and it’s so good for you. Yum!

Enjoy and hop over and “Like” Skinny Mama Meals on Facebook for more recipes and weight loss inspiration.


~ Heidi

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Humanitarian Camp

Boy Lasagna

Here’s a picture of my boy Bexon serving lasagna to the homeless in a shelter yesterday.

First, the kids made 200 ham sandwiches and filled brown bags with granola bars, apples and napkins.

It looked like a little Santa’s elf workshop, except that the kids all had Lunch Lady clear plastic gloves on, which made it even more adorable.

Then they gathered around a vending machine and one child told the others with authority, “Those chips cost 137 dollars.” (They were #137, cost $1.25.)

Our lovely friend Melissa (mother of four, two sets of twin boys) planned this one week Humanitarian Camp here in L.A. and I must give her a lot of credit, it was awesome.

She’s a better woman than I am, but I did help roll down the brown bags for stacking and rescued the butter from the window sill, where someone had put it to soften in the sunlight.

They forgot it there, when the shelter residents were served the lasagna, bread and salad (and cake.)

Listen, people, I know butter is important and at least I was good for something.

Bex is already a better person than me, and that’s the way it should be.

He’s trusting, opens the door for complete strangers who knock and exclaims in his high little boy voice, “They weren’t strangers! They introduced themselves!”

*Mommy shudders and adds extra locks*

I may have to work on that too-trusting nature to protect him as a Mama bear should, but hey, he’s an angel who’s learning to be of service to humanity, and I’m so very proud.


~ H

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