Sick Baby, Sick Mommy

boy sick

My little boy, Bexon, got a bad flu this week. It’s a nasty one going around.

That’s his new buddy on his shoulder, his soft kitty Timmy from the Minecraft game that he got as a birthday party favor.

We do little shows where Timmy talks to Tie-gee, his little floppy white tiger stuffed animal, and Floyd, who is…err okay, Mommy’s stuffed leopard. Don’t judge me.

sick boy

Awww, poor penguin.

I would never want him to be sick, but he’s very cute when he is. Huggy and cuddly and sweet. I soak it up.

I read to him and hand fed him chicken noodle soup and gave him alternating children’s medicines to bring the fever down.

I don’t know how moms avoid the germs (viruses) of their kids when they’re taking care of them.

I figure it’s a losing battle, so I don’t even try. Bring it on.

I kiss him and I think at one point his spittle just flew right into my mouth when he was saying something to me, our heads thisclose together.

sick little boy

We were watching an animal show from the couch and a commercial came on:

Bexon: Have you ever gotten heartburn?

Me: Yes, not very often, some people get it a lot.

Bex: What do you do for it?

Me: I chew these little Tums and it goes away pretty fast.

Bex: How fast?

Me: Oh, in a few minutes, no more than twenty minutes at the most.

Bex: Oh, wow, that’s good, that is very fast. Prilosec and Tagamet take 24 hours.

I don’t know where he gets it, ha ha.

It’s worth it to be near to my babe, but I always catch whatever he gets, usually about 3-5 days later, right on cue.

My kiddo has a super strong immune system and usually burns out a virus in one night or maybe half a day.

This week, he missed a whole day of school, which is very unusual for him. My immune system, on the other hand, folds like a deck of cards and cries for mercy. Continue reading

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50 Shades of Awkward

black and white lip bite

You may have heard the movie version of the popular book “50 Shades of Grey” is being released in theaters on Valentine’s Day.

“Being released” might be an unintentionally suggestive choice of words, sorry.

The movie may be good, I haven’t seen it and I probably will at some point, but I have to ponder who is going to see this movie for their Valentine’s Day date?

It seems awkward buying the tickets no matter how you slice it.

Let’s explore a few scenarios:

1.) A couple, any couple, married or not:

“Hi, we’d like two tickets to 50 Shades, because we enjoy light bondage and hurting each other…with love.”

“You like choking, don’t you honey?”

Yikes…or how about…

2.) A single woman:

“Hi, I’d like a ticket for one. I don’t have a date, a husband or a boyfriend, but I’m hoping this will amp me up for some alone time with my personal electronic massager later while I stab myself with needles in the meaty part of my thigh.

I never let my cat watch. Never.”

3.) A single man:

“Hi, I’d like a ticket for one. I couldn’t get any woman to come to this movie with me because I’m scary and possibly a serial killer, but I have duct tape and rope in the trunk of my car and I’m really hoping to kidnap one in the theater. Fingers crossed!”

4.) A group of female friends together without dates:

“Hi, we’d like five tickets, we are totally into the idea of mysterious rich guys who will save us when we’re puking drunk in his private plane and then suspend us from his ceiling in his Red Room of Pain. Awesome!

By the way, we are totally gonna fall in love and have a baby with this winner later!” Continue reading

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A Brook Without Rocks Quote

a brook without rocks quote

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Book Your Valentine’s Day Reservations Now

husband wife flirting text

Sometimes I flirt via text with my husband, Nick.

It’s not exactly sexting, well, we have been together over 22 years and we are married in the eyes of the law, so I guess he can see my boobs, someday.

This exchange was over this last weekend while he was in Germany, he traveled to Munich for a short business trip, Friday through Monday. He’s back now.

But I was a very busy temporary “single mom”  with my lil boy for the weekend, fun and sweet but exhausting.

On Valentine’s Day the restaurants are always crowded and the traffic is so bad that night and every year when Nick orders me romantic roses to be delivered that day they get delivered to the wrong house and we have to go on a wild goose chase to locate them.

So, my advice as a former waitress and restaurant hostess is to not wait until your sweetie gets around to it, go ahead and tell him or her exactly what you want to do for V Day and call the restaurant yourself today if necessary.

My oblivious huzzband could only think about sea life during this text exchange, ha ha.

Aww, love.


~ h

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Expecting Life to Be Fair is Like Bull

expecting the world to treat you fairly is bull quote

So true, man.

But if you’re nice to people, they’re usually nice back.

(I know this is not the scariest picture of a bull, it’s probably just a very sweet little cow eating grass, but it’s the closest picture I had in my personal library. Plus, I eat beef so I’m probably getting charged anyway by this muffin, ha ha.)


~ H

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What Are Mario and Luigi High Fiving Here?

mario underwear

Um, I’m no prude or virgin, ahem, but seen during a casual stroll through my local Target…

These underwear were in the female junior’s section. Not the children’s section, thank God.

By the way, I just realized I don’t even know what age range the junior’s section technically is. It was right by the women’s lingerie/pajama section in the store, so it kind of mixed up in my mind.

If junior’s is for underage preteen or young teen girls, this is even worse. I admit to having shopped in certain store’s junior’s sections much older than my teen years, so I get confused.

But seriously, are Mario and Luigi high fiving over her vag-jay?

Over her pubic bone or fupa?

Is this some sort of wildly inappropriate threesome joke?

With two mustachioed Italian cartoon little grown man characters?

If so, why the white gloves? Didn’t they at least take off their shoes? Or their hats?

It seems only polite.

At least they didn’t involve that gorilla from Donkey Kong.

Small favors.

Don’t blame the messenger.

I’m innocent. ;-)

~ h

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Buffalo Roast Chicken

Buffalo Roast Chicken

If you love buffalo sauce and roasted chicken, get ready to cry from happiness.

The recipe is super easy and contains only 5 ingredients, plus some cooking spray.

The prep is 10 minutes or less while the oven preheats, the rest is just baking time- no basting, no checking, no more work.

This is a great family meal (if you enjoy a little spicy kick) or make this for game day instead of chicken wings- the crowd will love it!


1.) One whole chicken, preferably already brined with the giblets removed. I find the pre-brined ones are more tender.

I buy an organic one usually at Trader Joe’s that’s around 4 pounds, give or take.

2.) One half cup buffalo sauce, I strongly recommend the brand Frank’s Red Hot Wings Buffalo Sauce.

3.) Two to four tablespoons of real salted butter. Two is enough, of course four tastes even richer. I went with four, ha.

4.) Garlic cloves, peeled.

I can eat a lot of cooked garlic, so I added like, 20. Five or 10 is fine if you aren’t big on it, or skip it.

5.) One pound mini potatoes, washed, skin on. I like the little itty bitty thin skinned golden ones.

You will also need a little cooking spray (or grease the pan with a little butter or olive oil.) I use olive oil spray.

Optional for serving:

After it was roasted, I added a dollop of low fat Fage plain Greek yogurt and some chopped green onion on the side, it was yummy with the potatoes and the sauce and cooled the spice.

Kind of like baked potatoes with sour cream and chives.

You could also use sour cream of course, regular or low fat. This would be delish with blue cheese crumbles or a side salad with blue cheese dressing, too. Yum.


Preheat your oven to 425 degrees.

Remove the chicken from the packaging and pour out any liquid from the cavity into the sink, discard.

You can wash the chicken and pat it dry, but I’m pretty sure the long cooking at high temp will kill any bacteria.

Spray the inside of a large baking dish or roasting pan with cooking spray. Lay the chicken in it, breast side up.

Wash the small potatoes and place them in the pan around the chicken. Add the peeled garlic cloves around the potatoes.

I buy the garlic peeled at Trader Joe’s in the refrigerator section, it’s vacuum packed and very fresh. Saves me a step.

Measure the buffalo sauce, set that aside, and put the butter in a small glass dish, I microwave it for about 30 seconds until it’s melted.

Pour or drizzle the butter all over the visible parts of the chicken, over the breasts, legs and wings. It helps with browning to a crisp.

You can rub it around with your hands, too, if you wanna massage it.

Now pour/drizzle the buffalo sauce over the chicken on top of the butter.

You don’t even need to add salt, it has enough, especially if it was brined.

Lastly, I spray the potatoes lightly with the olive oil spray to prevent them drying out and put the whole thing in the oven, uncovered.

Bake at 425 for an hour and a half. If your chicken is larger, it may need an extra 15 minutes.

It should look crispy brown and the legs when jostled should easily pull out.

Stir the sauce around and serve as you like, oh my.

It’s too hard to calculate the calories because it depends on how much skin/sauce/potatoes you eat, etc…but I personally never gain weight from my own home cooked roast chicken dinners.

I make one about once a week and it feels like it cures what ails ya.

Comfort food at its best, enjoy!


~ Heidi

Psst: Also try my amazing Buffalo Chicken Meatballs.


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