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Heidi Ferrer red capeThe venerable Oxford English Dictionary deigned to add Internet slang to its updated official version of the English language this week, including all caps “initialisms” such as:

OMG (Oh My God), LOL (Laughing Out Loud) and the colored in heart symbol that I still don’t know how to make even though I’ve supposedly been a webmaster for eight months now.

That’s sad but not as sad as what’s gonna happen to “ha ha!”

Now that LOL is official, “ha ha!” could be seen in a seedy corner of a London street, clutching a heroin needle and crying his eyes out. No guffaws, giggles, chortles or knee slaps around to help him.

LOL and the world LOLs with you, “ha ha!” and you cry alone in a gutter.

Does this mean “ha ha!” is fired? Downsized to one “ha”? I must say, the mind reels.

FYI, OMG is said to have been found in a personal letter dating back to 1917, while FYI itself (For Your Information, natch) originated in 1941.

Oxford English Dictionary imagesLOL was first used as an acronym for Little Old Lady in 1960. Surrre, Oxford Dictionary peeps, you’re trying to make it sound like you’re not cheaply, belatedly hopping on the Facebook/Twitter/Blogger bandwagon. Wassup with that, homeboys?

And why exactly did “wassup” not make the cut into the dictionary this time? I know you’re hoping “wassup” will just go away and get on meth or crack along with “ha ha!”

I’m really starting to think the Oxford Dictionary has it in for some words, don’t you?

Snoop Dog imagesSnoop Dog should probably take them to court.

Some people are still trying to say blogs will go away. Yeah, that was said about TV, rock n’ roll, hip hop and rap.

These things will evolve but they are part of the culture now, and I like to think my blogging Foremothers and Forefathers had something to do with bringing the LOLS to the English language.

“Web Log” is said to have been coined around 1997 and the popular current usage “Blogger” originated from Web Log as in a form of “We Blog” – so the word blogger was coined in 1999.

In other words, this is all pretty new stuff all up in da hizzle, yo.

Let’s talk dirty about LOL, though, a lot of people don’t like her. They think she’s kinda cheap and easy. IMHO (In My Humble Opinion, also added to Oxford D Dirty Money this week)—

—IMHO, LOL is useful, but sort of cheesy, which now that I think about it, sounds a little like an acronym of “cheap and easy.” Nope, just looked it up and it sprung from the meaning “cheap and inferior.” Pretty close, I like mine better.

Cartoon computer image

Holla! Is that an official word?

A lot of folks including myself used to try to avoid the LOLS unless it felt completely necessary. It felt like…why do you have to tell someone you’re laughing out loud, why not just laugh? I mean, really. If you’re picking your nose at the computer, do you type PMN? Just found a juicy one? I think not.

Then there is PIMP- (Peeing in My Pants), which falls into the same category of TMI, IMHO. Why not add JF? (Just farted)? Or LB (Loud Burp)?

Or NABW? Need a Bikini Wax, STAT! OR BAWW? (Bring a weed whacker.) Do we really need to know these things while you text?

BTW, now there is a law that you cannot laugh out loud without typing LOL or a prison cell will drop directly from the sky/ceiling over your head and you will be carted off to the pokey. That means jail or prison. I think it’s officially a word, along with “hoosegow” or “the clink.”

I don’t know, I’m just a blogger, that’s just being a daily journalist with no time or budget for an editor.

As long as we’re talking about the origin of words, did you know that Dr. Seuss invented the word “Nerd”?!

Dr. Seuss If I Ran the Zoo ImagesI know, it’s true! How cool is that? He first used it as the name of a creature in his book “If I Ran the Zoo” in 1950.

Where would we nerds be without Dr. Seuss? We’d all just be geeks. That’s just cray cray.

NABW, TTYL (Talk to You Later)!

BTW, I Heart you,


P.S. For a humorous list of nearly all the cyber lingo currently out there, click on my previous post Internet Slang- Acronyms to find out what naughty almost-Oxford-approved-words the kids are using.

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