Pole Dancing For Kids?!

Pole Dancing

Sweetie, don't forget your lucite heels!

I’ve been reading about crazy parenting trends and this one is a doozy: There are pole dancing classes being taught to toddlers as young as three years old!

It’s happening in England at “Make Me Fabulous,” a studio that teaches only pole dancing.

Now, parents would want to take their sweet little darlings to learn pole dancing why?


This was sold in the toy section.

To learn an early trade? To be taught at a tender age that they should view themselves as sexual beings in a society that will objectify therm and treat them like walking blow up dolls anyway?

It this parental cynicism at its highest?

I doubt it. I think the mothers are dumb a** bitches who think it’s either funny, trendy or cute. A lot like those little girl beauty pageants, but worse.

This pole kit was sold in the toy section and comes with a garter and play money to stuff in it!

It said on the box it’s to: “Unleash the sex kitten inside.”

There are similar classes available in Scotland for children called “Up Yer Pole.” They say it’s for exercise, but I’m not sure why the pole is necessary, you?

What effect will this memory have on their psyches when they’re older and realizes the connotations?


Your dream for your daughter? Really?

There’s no way a girl is not gonna later look back and see that Mommy put her on the pole as a kidlet and what stripping/pole dancing means.

I’m not coming down on adult strippers, most sex workers were sexually abused or molested as children. But what’s next? Hooker classes for the preschool set?

The people who manufacture poles for children should probably be sued, if you ask me.

xo- hf

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8 Responses to Pole Dancing For Kids?!

  1. Mayor Gia says:

    Yeahhhh. Apparently its a good workout, but I dont think you can really remove the sexuality from it at this point…


  2. weezafish says:

    Oh. My. F. God. I’m so ashamed to be British right now, we don’t all want our daughters to be pole dancers, honest! Can you imagine? I can’t believe the kit, really?? Are you making this up now? You’re awesome at finding this stuff, thanks!


  3. nikkiana says:

    When I was in the heyday of my pole dancing obsession, I took classes. While my classes were all with adults, the way it was formatted would have been completely appropriate for someone younger than 18 to be offered. It was all about being graceful and having fun, nothing about stripping and being sexy.

    Most people (Americans at least) tend to associate the pole with the strip club. However, there’s a whole different world of pole dancing competitions that have absolutely nothing to do with taking your clothes off… it’s all about technical skill and athleticism. Pole dancing is merely another form of gymnastic dance.


  4. Tiz says:

    I agree with Nikkiana, pole is not about stripping! I feel like I am constantly battling that idea, expecially since I am a teacher who also dances pole. I am not a stripper, I am not training for a future career, but I am the strongest I have ever been (even compared to when I was doing 10+ hours of ballet a week). I am not offended at anything you have said, but I will always go on the defence over the misconception.

    Janyne Butterfly is one the best pole dancers in the world. There is nothing in this video that is about sex, nothing slutty, she is amazing.
    But then compare this to some of the hellishly inappropriate routines you see the 8-12 year olds competing in the show Dance Moms – kids in nude dance shorts and sparkly bras designed to give the illusion of nudity while they dance as showgirls (and I have nothing against showgirls, the dance training THEY go through is phenominal as well).

  5. I dunno. If it were just about athleticism I think that pole kit being sold in the toy section cancelled that thought. I won’t argue that for some pole dancing is not about sex but exercise. I’ve seen that pole dancing video and it’s awesome.

    However, for the overwhelming majority of folks it is about stripping/sex and until or if that changes it’s an inappropriate activity for little girls or boys for that matter.

    Also, three wrongs don’t somehow make a right. Those pageant and dance moms are totally inappropriate, too. It’s as if this people have had these kids to somehow be their living dolls or puppets that act out their fantasies instead of allowing them to be the children they are.


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