Alcofrolic- Definition and Meaning

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An Alcofrolic is: A recovering alcoholic who is happy, sober, joyous and free- and fun. They frolic, man.

Example: See: me. :-)

“Sober” is a good word for the recovery community, saying “I’m sober,” is a point of pride because it’s very difficult to accomplish when you’ve been addicted, it’s s huge accomplishment to get and stay sober against the odds.

But the word “sober” also has a negative connotation of being boring. I know hundreds of people who don’t drink anymore who are fabulous and definitely not boring. Alcoholic is a good word, it’s descriptive, but some people in our society still use it as a slur- “He’s an alcoholic!”

Alcoholism is a powerful and often deadly disease, at least partially genetic as it runs in families (it does in mine on both sides), so we don’t choose to have it, and you would never use say, Leukemia as a slur, ya know?

I like saying I’m a “sober alcoholic” or “sober girl” to people who get it, but you know what I mean. So alcofrolic could be a good addition to the lexicon! I’m liking the sound of it.


~ Heidi

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2 Responses to Alcofrolic- Definition and Meaning

  1. Nicky says:

    You should be frolicking! Congrats on your sobriety, you should be proud :)

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