Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother's Day Gifts

These are the presents my son Bex gave me for Mother’s Day that he made at school (pre-K age 4).

The mason jar is filled with the ingredients for chocolate chip cookies and the handmade little card on it has the recipe. Just add eggs, about a pound of butter and vanilla! Sounds like a present for himself, too.

Of course he painted the outside himself, I think it’s quite jazzy.

The bookmark is a yellow paint print of his own kiddo foot. It reads on the other side: “Every time you read a book, mark it with my little foot!” 

The red handmade card has a crayon picture on the front and some colored sequins glued on the construction paper- do you think the picture is of me? I look pretty green and hairy. The inside of the card is a short interview of Bexon, about things I do for him.

M: Makes me lemonade.

O: Opens the door and gives me some Oreos.

T: Takes me to the zoo.

H: Holds me.

E: Every day she lets me go to the mall and a restaurant. (Note from me: We don’t go to a restaurant every day- ha!)

R: Records my T.V. shows.

My Mom’s the greatest because: “She gets me some water and gives me a radio.”

Hmmmm…We don’t have a radio. Maybe he meant Oreo again! I think I win Mother of the Year for pre-diabetics- *hee*

Last night he gave me a tiny lavender flower he picked from the yard and he said it was a “Mother’s Day flower for you, Mommy.” And when he got tired and fussy, I said “It’s Mother’s Day, don’t you want to be sweet to Mommy? It’s my day.”

Bex replied, upset: “Ok, I get it, it’s not MY day, it’s just YOUR day!”

Ha ha ha ha ha. The best gift is my funny little, sweet huggy boy.


~ Bexon’s Mommy

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  1. Mayor Gia says:

    Awww, so cute! I love the foot-mark.

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